Editor's Note | Wise Quotes From Eminem's 'Lose Yourself'


The girl behind this magazine is prettaaayyy busy with her final steps of graduating! So, as the big deadline approaches, I sometimes really have to be able to ignore everyone and everything around me so I can focus on my work for a little longer than 3 minutes. One way to do that is to lock myself up in my room and work in peace and quiet. Another way, as I have to come into the office, is to put in my earphones, turn the volume up and play some 'get this shit done' type of music. 

While listening to my favorite reggeaton playlist, Youtube suddenly  played Eminem's Lose Yourself.. And guess what... it actually made me super productive and focussed! (which is why I allowed myself to write this post afterwards) I thought to myself: damn... there are some pretty wise quotes in that song. Okay, it's a pretty deep song, but still, for some reason this song is super motivating to me. Perhaps it's that beat, or the powerfull vibe of the song.

Let's take a look at some lyrics / quotes and keep these in mind so we can make the most out of 2017! Yo, thanks Eminem.  #motivated

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  1. hello dear!!
    Have a nice Holidays <3

  2. YESS this is my work out motivation song!

  3. Yes, to this post!
    Have a happy start into the new year!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena