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Luxury For Princess Darkest Brown 320 gram set Review

I love switching up my hair style every now and then, and it's no secret that I love to use hair extensions to do so. I've been wearing Luxury For Princess hair extensions for almost 4 years now, and it's the one and only brand I will ever use. I've had SO many different sets (in a good way haha) and I still have most of my older ones. They just stay in great condition when you take good care of them. I now have a new set in a darker brown color, so whenever I go lighter or darker again, I'll have a matching set of hair extensions. 

The newest set I got is the 320 gram set in 22 inches in the color Darkest Brown. It was the most perfect match with my own hair color! It's the darkest color I've ever had, but it still has tons of different shades, like lighter brown and even dark blonde. Because of these different shades, the extensions match your own hair very well! This set is very thick, unlike my natural hair, so I often don't even use all of it at once. But if you want to go all glammed up, you surely can!

I've got a discount code for all my lovely readers who fancy some luxurious, human hair extensions for themselves: MALU5 will give you a nice discount on your own clip in hair extensions. If you'd rather go for one of the styling tools, make sure to use code MALU15 for some cash on your order too😗

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  1. Waauw wat een goede match met je eigen haar!