All natural ingredients and life hacks. Two things I love! I've recently had to use lemon juice a few times and I was amazed at what this natural product can do. So, I looked up some other usefull ways to fix everyday problems with lemon. Keep on reading, because after this, you'll want to stock up on some lemons for so many reasons!

Use lemon juice with salt to remove rust stains

Oh em gee. I was on holiday with my boyfriend when I hung his brand new white t-shirt out to dry. I missed one small detail: the railing was rusty. Once the t-shirt was dry, so were the major, orange rust stains in his shirt! I quickly Googled on what to do and I read about mixing lemon juice with salt to remove rust stains. Two things we had in the appartment, so I made the mixture in a small bowl and rubbed it all over the stains. That did most of the work already, but later on I decided to throw the entire t-shirt in hot water mixed with more lemon juice. I hung it out to dry in the sun, and it totally bleached away all the remaining rust stains. So yay, this trick definitely works!

Bleaching your hair with lemon juice

Again, a fabulous hack that I tried myself- and it works! I had already damaged my hair too much by bleaching it with products from the store, which contain a major amount of chemicals. So I decided to give lemon juice a try. One other thing you need is either a blowdryer or, more preferably, the sun. I added the juice of 4 lemons and mixed that with water, just enough to wet my entire hair with it. I put it in a spray bottle and sprayed my entire hair. Then I went outside, chilled in the garden and made the sun dry my hair. I repeated this twice and my hair was noticably ligther.

Use lemon juice instead of deodorant

I've never tried this hack on myself, but apparantly, Kourtney Kardashian does this all the time: replacing deodorant with lemon juice. It's cheap and all natural, so I was very curious to find out more. I found a lot of articles online of people who do this every single day, claiming it 100% works. Lemon juice has got high anti-bacterial properties, and since bacteria are what makes your sweat smell, it does make sense. I'm currently loving my Odorex deodorant, which makes me stop sweating completely, but if I ever get tired of the more chemical ways to prevent smelly underarms, I'll go and give the lemon juice a try.

Use lemon juice to remove cooking odors from your hands

Never tried it, but will definitely do so as soon as I've got my hands on garlic or an union again. I love garlic and union for cooking, but it's so annoying to have your hands smell like them for 2 days. Next time, I'll slice a lemon in half and rub my hands with it. If you've already tried this hack, let us know in the comments whether it works or not. 😊

Bleach your teeth with lemon juice

Hell yes this works! I've been brushing my teeth (after I brushed them with toothpaste) with lemon juice for a few days now, and I must say they look a lot whiter. I've already had people ask me if I got my teeth whitened. It's not very pleasant when you've got a cut or cracked lips, so do keep that in mind. Other than that, it's a brilliant hack!

Drink lemon water for a sore throat

I've got a sore throat pretty much every time I feel a little under the weather. I'm actually that lucky that I have a throat inflammation about 2-3 times a year. Swallowing is hard, but when you do, it feels best to swallow something that's ice cold. I always add quite a lot of lemon juice to the water, throw in a handfull of icecubes and drink that in small sips. The cold will help the swelling in your throat, whereas the lemon juice fights the bacteria that cause the inflammation or sore throat. Another great hack!

I guess it's true what they say... When life gives you lemons...🍋🍋🍋