BLES: Step into the world of Beauty, Life, Entertainment and Style. The online magazine for fashion fanatics, beauty enthusiasts, lifestyle lovers and entertainment junkies. BLES Magazine was founded in September 2016, as the online destination where daily inspirations about fashion, beauty, lifestyle and entertainment related topics are collected. Dutch ex- fashion & beauty blogger Malu Swartjes created BLES Magazine as en extension to her personal blog. After the instant success of BLES Magazine, Malu quit her blog 3 weeks after the online magazine went live.

"My blog was always mostly about me; my take on the fashion world and my opinions on beauty products and trends. There was so much more that I wanted to write about and so much more I have learned along the way that I wanted to share with a worldwide audience, but it just didn't fit into what my blog was about. So I needed something new, a brand new challenge so I could express my creativity on a whole different level. That is why starting an online magazine on a variety of topics and for a much broader audience felt like the perfect move.
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