Crazy things you can use babypowder for

Babypowder. It might not be the first thing you think of when it comes to beauty hacks. Many beauty bloggers and Youtube stars like Huda Kattan have experimented with baby powder and discovered that it is actually a great cheap alternative for some every day beauty products. By the way, if you’re wondering what baby powder actually does: it is a talcum powder that absorbs moisture (exactly why people use it on little baby butts to keep ‘em dry). But talcum powder is widely used in cosmetic products too. Besides, if you can use it on a baby, it must be perfectly safe to use on your face, hair, body or even your eyelashes too, right?

Set your make up with it

If you are one of those women that contour and highlight their face the Kim K way, you probably love a good highlighting setting powder. Sure, you can splurge and get your hands on the Laura Mercier setting powder, but why don’t you just try and brighten that undereye area with babypowder? According to bloggers who have tried this trick, the baby powder is just as fine, brightens and sets your concealer perfectly. Worth the try!

Dry shampoo

No more greasy hair thanks to baby powder. We all love our dry shampoos, but 99% of the time it feels like spraying a can full of air on your roots, doesn’t it? The main ingredient in dry shampoo is, you guessed it: talcum powder. So instead of spraying your hair with dry shampoo, sprinkle some baby powder on the roots of your hair and rub it in. The powder will absorb moisture, so your hair looks less greasy. Nice extra advantage: the babypowder will make your hair less heavy so it will restore some volume too.

Fuller lashes?!
Have you ever tried those fiber mascaras that had one white coat and then the black coat of mascara on top? By adding some baby powder on your lashes with a q-tip in between coats of mascara, you will achieve the same effect. Do make sure to let the coats of mascara dry a little before applying the baby powder, other wise you will wipe the mascara right back off. Who would have thought that baby powder can get you Bambi lashes?

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Posted by Malu Swartjes - September 09 2016

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