Editors Note - The girl behind the magazine

Why is it that as a blogger, I cannot help just  needing wanting to write something personal here on BLES Magazine? The biggest difference between my blog and this online magazine is the level of personal opinions and me shoving my make up looks and outfits in your face. BLES Magazine is mostly not about me, but as every magazine has got an editor (or a few) I decided it might be fun to update on a more personal level with an Editors Note every once in a while, if you guys would like that of course! BLES Magazine was launched exactly 2 weeks ago today, and as I already wrote on my fashion blog yesterday: I am still pretty overwhelmed with the success BLES Magazine has had these two weeks. I quote myself from my blog :

"BLES Magazine reached an audience in 2 weeks that took me a few years to accomplish with this blog!"

How is that even possible.. And don't get me wrong, my blog is doing pretty good, but BLES Magazine seems to be doing even better! I couldn't help but notice, as statistics are not what I want to be focussing on just yet. I just want to enjoy writing about Beauty, Life, Entertainment & Style related topics, on a bit more of an anonymous level. Oh wait- did I ever even properly introduce myself?! I don't think I have! Sure, I do end each post with 'Posted by Malu Swartjes' but that's probably all you know about me. As you probably noticed: nothing is written based on purely my own opinon or experience and I don't post photos of myself here on BLES Magazine. I'm glad to say, it goes a little deeper and I do a little more research in order to actually provide BLES readers with informative, interesting, recognizable or hysterically funny articles. And I personally really like that!

But back to the introducing part. I am Malu, a 24 year old (graduating) student and blogger of MaluSwartjes.com. I've been blogging for almost 6 years and I wanted something new, a brand new challenge that  is this online magazine. So within a month, I launched BLES Magazine and started writing ahead. Which is why so far, there's been a new article online every single day. Just some random fun facts about me: I am obsessed with my two dogs: 13 year old Yentl and 1 year old Darcy. I treat them like they're my kids. I am quite  a neat freak, a red bull addict, I drag along my laptop where ever  I go and I'm the type of girl to write these kinds of articles in bed, in my pajamas while wearing two different socks. 

To end this first editor's note: I cannot wait to see where things are going with BLES Magazine and I would like to invite you to provide me with feeback, any kind of feedback, as keeping up and online magazine is  whole different story than blogging every now and then. Besides, BLES Magazine is for YOU :-)

Talk to you soon! -xx-

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