To put it simply, dogs are pretty awesome. If you have never loved a dog, you are missing out on so much more than you could ever imagine. There is obviously a good reason why dogs are called “Man’s best friend.” Only true dog lovers will know the bond you have with your dog.. It's like having a best friend, but even better! Because here are some very good reasons why dogs are our best furry friends.

Dogs don’t judge. 

Yes, that’s right. They have no idea what judgment is. Dogs will never judge you on any level, ever, No matter what you're wearing of what you're doing, they just love it. They take you for who you are and they will always just curl up in a ball next to you on the couch an be their cute selves.

They are there for you when you need them to
Dogs have this amazing was of sensing their owners emotions. When you're happy, your dog is even happier. But when you're sad, a dog will know and it will never leave your side. I have personally expierenced it with my older dog as well as with my 1 year old puppy... during sad moments they're right there for you to cheer you up and cuddle until they see a smile on your face. Isn't it crazy how dogs are sometimes more understanding than half of the people in our Facebook friends list?!

They are never moody
Another great thing about dogs that really deserves some respect: they never wake up on the wrong side of the bed. Have you ever seen a grumpy dog? One that needs an hour every morning before it will even function and look at you? No matter what time or day it is, they always wake up cheerful, ready to greet you and make you smile. Every single day. Us humans could learn a thing or two.

They're up for whatever you like

You feel like going for a run? Your dog will go on board. Just wanna chill on the couch and watch Netflix all day? Your dog will join you. No matter what your plans are, dogs can adjust so easily. All they want is join you and go where you go. When all your friends can't hang out, you can always count on your furry friend. They will never leave you hanging.

Dogs are freaking smart

Dogs are so smart. Dogs are the only pets that will literally understand what you say to them. When I ask my dog if she'd like to go for a walk, she'll walk to the front door and wait for me. If I tell her 'it's time to eat!' she will wait, sit patiently and give me a paw because she knows that's when I'll get it for her. When we go out and play and I tell her to put the toy back on the table, she'll put it down on the table. Dogs cannot only understand the way we say things, they definitely also understand words and commando's. Smarty pants.

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Posted by Malu Swartjes - September 08 2016