3 x What to wear when in a hurry

This may sound familar for a lot of us women out there: "I was in a hurry so I randomly threw this outfit together". Whether you have an entire walk in closet full of clothes or just a regular sized closet; pretty sure we all have some good basics that can make any outfit look great, even when you've got too little time. So: next time you're in a hurry, keep these simple key items in mind for any casual, every day or formal look and you won't have to sit there staring while thinking you've got nothing to wear. Scroll down for some inspiration on these looks!

Casual chic
Key items: Jeans - Tee- Blazer

Wear this look with pumps like Chrissy Teigen or with sneakers like Gigi Hadid. Both looks are perfect examples of the casualness of the jeans and t-shirt vs. the chic vibe from the blazer.

Every day look
Key items: Leggings - Oversized sweater

Everyone's got a pair of biker leggings or leather leggings, right? Pair it with and oversized sweater and ankle boots like model Taylor Marie Hill, or with pumps like Kendall Jenner (if that's what you fancy for an every day look) and you're good to go!

Key items: Trousers - Blouse - Jacket 

The queen of fabulous formal looks has got to be Victoria Beckham. Always looking ready to do some serious business in an ensamble of neat trousers, a blouse and matching jacket.

Which look is  your favorite?

Posted by Malu Swartjes on 3 October

5 opmerkingen:

  1. I love the jeans, pumps, blazer, and tee. So effortless chic!


  2. Great tips! I'm always in such a hurry so this was useful xx


  3. I adore what you recommend - saved!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  4. Love these looks! Chrissy looks amazing... need her blazer in my closet!


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