I like to movie movie: 5 must watch chick flicks

Whether you've got a girls night planned or you're just chilling by yourself, you can never watch a good girls-only movie too often. Junk food? Check. A couch full of pillows and cozy blankets? Check. Now all you need is a stack of some awesome chick flicks that will get you (and your girl friends) through your lazy (Sun)day! Not sure what movie to pick? Here's a top 5 of some of the best chick flicks -old and new ones - that us girls can all relate to.

1. Magic Mike
Oh em gee, Channing Tatum, Matthew McConaughey and the Brittish Alex Pettyfer as strippers and all shirtless in one movie: we could't ask for more. From the sexy actors, the hilariously funny scenes to the incredible dancing and stripping on hit songs like Pony, no wonder it's the number one Girl's Night- proof movie on this list. Dayuuuum...

2. Bridget Jones
Actually, all the Bridget Jones movies are equally as hilarious, but the new Bridget Jones Baby with Patrick Dempsy and Mr. Darcy might be the best one so far. It's not out yet on dvd, but you can just move the girl's movie-night to the cinema and have a good laugh at the typically clumsy and funny Bridget moments. Don't we all have some Bridget Jones in us?

3. The Devil Wears Prada 
Poor Andy in the world of fashion, glitter, glamour and... drama! The tale of assistant Andy and her journey from aspiring writer to fashion assistant of the biggest fashion biatch ever, Miranda, is full of humor, charm and slightly relatable embarrassing moments.

4. Mean Girls
This 2004 hit movie is not only hilarious, it is is also scientifically proven to be the most quotable movie of all time. From quotes like 'Too gay to function' and 'On Wednesdays we wear pink' to 'Don’t have sex, because you will get pregnant…and die.” Everyody has probably heard them dozens of times! Check out this article for the most relatable Mean Girls GIF's of all time.

5. Legally Blonde
A bubbly sorority girl studies up so she can follow her ex-boyfriend to Harvard Law School, hoping to prove him she's wife material. Once there, she learns that she has more legal savvy than she ever imagined, which results in some pretty hilarious scenes.

Posted by Malu Swartjes on 13 October 2016

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