The fullest set of hair extensions ever: Exquisite by Luxury for Princess

Luxury For Princess Exquisite 300gr 20 inch hair extensions

My personal favorite hair extensions brand of all time keeps improving and surprising.. Luxury for Princess are known for having the longest hair extensions sets that are available in tons of colors. But now Luxury for Princess actually offers the thickest and fullest set out there - on the entire hair extensions market! What you see below is the 300 gram, 20 inch Exquisite set.

Most sets by Luxury for Princess are in the lenghtst 22" and 24" which is super long. This set is still long, but mostly thick and shiny: luscious princess locks, just like we're all used of Luxury for Princess. The set came in this stunning, chic black box which is perfect to store your extensions in. As per usual there is a 'tester' weft of hair included so you can see if the color is a match with your own hair. If not, you can ship the package back and switch colors. But as the hair is 100% Remy (Indian human) hair, you can easily dye the hair.

These extensions are super easy to clip in and out and add some major glamour to your hair on an every day basis, or just whenever you crave long hair. Whatever set you fancy, if you decide to get yourself a set of luxurious long locks, make sure to use my discount code MALU5

Posted by Malu Swartjes

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  1. These look great :)

  2. This is pretty much exactly what I need! My hair is soooo thin! Thanks for the recommendation :)

    xoxo Alison

  3. Wow!!! So beautiful looks really good!!! Have a nice day, kisses (and thank you for your visit),

    Eniwhere Fashion
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  4. Ik wil al zo ontzettend lang extensions uitproberen maar vind het toch telkens te duur .. Deze zijn onwijs mooi!

  5. Heel mooi! Past ook echt perfect bij je eigen haar !


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