Beauty hack: why you should shave your legs before going to bed

Us ladies have our own morning and evening routines, so something personal as shaving will be different for everyone. As winter is coming, some girls may be totally fine with having a little fuzz on their legs, as they won't see the light of day anyways. But if you like to have legs that are smooth like a dophin at all times, keep on reading for this hack to keep your legs smoother for longer.

If shaving your legs is part of your morning ritual in the shower, you might want to consider switching  it to your evening routine. Fun fact: when you shave your legs in the evening and you go to sleep afterwards, your legs will get warmer and swell up a little bit. That causes the teeny tiny hairs in the hair follicole to pull back. So guess what the result will be? Much smoother legs !

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Posted by Malu Swartjes on 19 October 2016

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