Sometimes it's best to close a chapter and start a new one, right? Well, after almost 6 years of blogging, I've decided to shut down my blog And it wasn't even a hard deciscion.. What?!  When I started this online magazine I figured out beforehand what I would do if BLES Magazine turned out to be at least somewhat succesful. Like people actually reading it on a daily basis and stuff like that... Besides, I started this because I wanted something new and exciting in the first place, so if I had to choose, I would choose to continue BLES Magazine and quit my fashion blog. Never thought that moment would come just 3 weeks after BLES Magazine went live, but it's such a fun new project that I just want to focus on this and nothing else. Yay!

I really loved blogging, but after 5 years I found myself stuck in a cirlce of not really growing anymore and being kinda tired of writing about myself, my looks and my opinions. Does that sound strange? Hope not, haha. The thing is, being a fashion blogger always made me feel like I had to be a certain type of girl. I was always so focussed on what I was wearing, because hey, I'm a fashion blogger and I might take outfit photo's later?! Same  thing goes with Instagram: I was so focussed on creating the perfect feed and gaining followers, I kinda lost the fun in it all. 

That's why I now will only be active on all accounts related to BLES Magazine, which you can find in the top bar on the website. My own Instagram account has turned into a personal account (not private!) where I will be sharing stuff whenever I want it, not accordig to my so called Instagram schedule. It feels so freeing to have unfollowed so many accounts that I only followed because other fashion bloggers follow them. It feels great  to have deleted my list of hashtags that I always posted along my photo's to attract the right kind of audience. Nope, not doing that anymore. It's gotta be fun, not something I feel obligated to do because I'm a fashion blogger. I've noticed that the 'label' fashion blogger is often quite negative and I felt like I had to defend myself sometimes. 

You're just another girl with her own fashion blog

That was always quite a common comment when people found out about my blog. But I have to admit, I feel like the whole fashion blogger world has become a little shallow, and that's not what I want to be a part of anymore. Now it may look like I quit my blog because of what others think of it. That's not the case... It just took a while before I realized that others were right. I was one of those thousands of fashion bloggers and for some that's perfectly fine, but for me it wasn't challeging anymore. I want to keep improving and always get better in what I do. Being a fashion blogger was too superficial for me and didn't give me any more ways to express my creativity. In the end, I have realized that I am a lot happier enjoying the world around me instead of focusing on the number of likes my outfit will get on Instagram.

That is why I love writing on BLES Magazine. The variety of topics can be endless, as so much fits into either the Beauty, Life, Entertainment or Style category. So yes, ending the fashion blogger chapter and diving right into this online magazine chapter seems to be the right choice  at the right moment! *inserts smiley face*

Posted by Malu Swartjes on 04 October 2016