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As an ex fashion blogger I guess I still like to write some personal notes every now and then here on BLES Magazine. An online magazine on a variety of subjects and articles that are written mostly without my opinion involved is something totally different than writing a blog about your personal style. However, I do want people to know who's the creative mastermind girl behind BLES Magazine and it might be fun for my readers to get to know me a bit better also.

I get asked a lot how I feel about not being a fashion blogger anymore, do I miss it etc.. The thoughts that come up in my head when I think about it actually surprised me... But why not share them with you? Perhaps you're a fashion blogger too and you might recognize yourself in some of my confessions...  Let's go!

What do I miss?
I actually miss nothing about fashion blogging, if I am really honest. That's because I loved to write, more than being the centerpiece of attention in my own outfit posts, haha. I still write about fashion and other topics, and that's what I love most:) But also:

I now dress to whatever mood I'm in. Not like I'm about to go to Fashion Week every day.
And it's freaking awesome! Let me first point out, it's probably just my own insecurity that I always thought I had to fit into some kind of image as a fashion blogger. I used to really think about what I would wear and if I hadn't worn the same thing the week before. I still love fashion and dressing up nicely, but I don't think about whether my outfit is fashion blog proof anymore. I just wear whatever I want now and that makes me feel so much better.

Who cares how many followers I have. I don't anymore!
Boy was it frustrating to always be busy with Instagram just to make sure my followers were adding up. I literally took it so seriously, whereas now, I don't even update my personal instagram account on a daily basis anymore. For BLES Magazine I update about every day, but crazy following strategies are no longer important to me. BLES Magazine has got over 600 followers in it's 5 week excistance without me trying hard at all, and I am pretty happy with that number :)

Those annoying press releases: bye bye
Over the last 5,5 years I had my email address collected on quit a lot of press lists. Receiving over 10 different press releases a day made it difficult and almost annoying to actually want to check my email. How am I supposed to filter the messages that are interesting out of that pile? I am so happy I no longer have to do that, but  I always felt like as a fashion blogger I had to dig through as many press releases in case I might come across something useful. Which was quite a waste of time ;) I do receive some press releases for BLES Magazine but I now have a much smaller selection of messages that are actually relevant for me.

I love being more on the background instead of being the centerpoint of attention.
I've always found that it had something shallow to say 'ehm yeah my blog is about me'... It made me so self conscious about the way I looked, and I always compared myself to other, bigger bloggers. Naah, not having my face all over BLES Magazine feels great! For me, fashion blogging was no longer about individuality, as the majority of bloggers are all the same and copying each other. I sometimes caught myself doing that as well. Whereas now, I feel like I'm just doing my thing and doing it a little different than others. But I'll gladly let you be the judge of that ;)

OMG. Fashion week. I have to go!
This literally means freedom to me now, haha. I don't live near Amsterdam, where all the glitz and the glamz of the fashion world come together. But literally every invite I got to a fashion show or event, I felt like I needed to accept in order to show my face, so people would know I was still alive and blogging. Even if that meant skipping school or having an excuse for work. (Oops, major confession this is!) While now I feel like I could go and attend an event to catch up with others in the industry, perhaps tell them a little more about what's keeping me busy as I am no longer a fashion blogger and I'm almost graduated. But going to fashion shows that require more time travelling than actually spending time at the event, just to 'see and be seen'... Nope, not something I'm obligated to do as a fashion blogger anymore :)

So these were just a few confessions of an ex fashion blogger who's much happier and much more excited in her new role as the girl next door that writes on BLES Magazine. Hope you liked this post, and for the bloggers out there: do you recognize some of my experiences?

Posted by Malu Swartjes on 30 October

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  1. I'm in love with this post!!
    If you like my blog follow pls!!
    Sandra xx

  2. What a great post! I can relate to a lot... even if I see myself as a fashion blogger, most of the things (going to FW is nothing I'd ever do :P


  3. Wat een fijn en eerlijk artikel! Ik ben zelf niet zo bezig met mode, maar dan weer meer met beauty. Ik vind het tot nog toe echt geweldig, al zijn wij niet zo groot dat we zoveel uitnodigingen krijgen. Dat lijkt me echt vermoeiend! :-)

  4. Loving how very real you are with this babe. There are definitely ups and downs to blogging and I"m so happy you've been able to find what truly makes you happy, the writing =)

    xoxo Rina

  5. I still love to get attention, receive press releases as I really like to find out about latest collections and launches. I think i was born to be a blogger as i really enjoy everything to do with it xx
    Yukova Blog

  6. I agree with you on many aspects, the email mess, the events (I've never went to fashion week) and I hope to soon find a job that allows me to write yet fashionable
    <<< tr3ndygirl >>>

  7. I love that you shared this with us because it was really interesting for me!
    What happened to the section The girl and the bag? I would love to know the style of other bloggers and not just the celebrities that are always in all the magazines.

    A kiss, pretty!

    Claudia Xxx

  8. What a great post dear,
    have a nice day,

  9. What an interesting post. As a 'fashion' blogger myself, I can relate to so many things you covered.


  10. great post, love it

  11. What an interesting post! I loved hearing your view on fashion blogging and I'm so happy you've finally found what's right for you! #BossBabe

    Love, Lindsey

  12. Loved reading this honest post! Must be so nice having to be so focus on social media, etc. I know it can be stressful indeed! Keep up the good work!

    Happy Cyber Monday!!!
    xoxo, Vanessa

  13. This was an interesting view on being a fashion blogger! I agree about the pressures of updating social media. x


  14. I love this and I can totally relate! sometimes I get over it too!


  15. Very pretty. The color choice was great and your outfit looks so fun and fresh. scannable id


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