Exciting hair colors to rock this season

What's so great about new seasons is that they come with new trends! You have probably already seen the nail colors that are super trendy right now, but let's not leave our hair out in the season of change. Whatever length or style your hair is, if you're a dare devil, you should definitely go ahead and try one of these exciting colors below! 

Cherry Red
Lily Collins was recently spotted rocking a cool toned cherry red 'do, while Katy Perry's locks were more warm toned. Before going for a vibrant color like this, do figure out if a cool or warm shade of red looks best on your face.

Cool Purple
This purple color is definitely a cool shade (literally), with a hint of blue in it. This color especially looks amazing when done in the form of a dipdye with black roots.


No, we're not talking about the Instagram filter. Sepia hair is not that exciting compared to the other colors in this list. But this cool toned half blonde half brown color looks great on anyone, so it could not miss out on this list.

Extreme dip dye
The dip dye is nothing new, but this season it is time for the less brave version of the dip dye we all know already. Get that contrast going! 

Opal hair
Here's the sister of the beloved rainbow hair. Opal hair is a blend of pearl and light pinks, blues, purples, and/or greens in it. It works on both light and darker hair!

Navy hair
Just like for your nails and clothes, navy is a trend color for your hair this season. A dark blue hue on top of black hair, like Kylie Jenner, is an option. Or go for a slightly brighter blue 'do, along with some high and low lights. 

Green hair
Green hair tones are probably the most unusual of this list. Forget the Shrek green or the minty green wig that Kylie Jenner wore  a year ago. The deep green is your shade to go! But if that is a little much for you,  a slight hint of green like Hillary Duff is pretty cool too!

Which color would you like to try?

Posted by Malu Swartjes

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  1. These are so cool! That sepia one is my fave. Thanks for sharing!


  2. Lovely colors! Love especially the opal and blue one <3

  3. I love the sepia coloured hair! :) xx

  4. These girls are all so brave- and ROCKING the brightly-hued hair!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  5. Ooooh I want to try the cool purple one!

  6. Your hair always looks so beautiful! Thanks for sharing! I am so glad you did a post like this..hair extensions

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