What the 2016 slang words actually mean

We've probably all been in that situation where you accidentally say on fleek to your grandmother like she speaks this 2016 slang like you do. Fetch never became a thing - such a shame!- but nowadays we can't see an Instagram post without some 'squad', 'bae', 'slay' and 'on fleek' popping up. It's like a whole new language that only the cool kids speak. How many of these words do you use on a daily basis?

When you just killed it and nailed it, you slayed it. Eyebrows can slay. So can your outfit. Or you can just BE slay.

Your number one group of girl friends. Like the Mean Girls squad. 'Me and my girls' is sooo last season. Me and my squad it is!

When you're too lazy to articulate and can't seem to find the energy to just say babe instead. 
On fleek
If there's even such a thing as being on fleek, like your eyebrows being on fleek, they're just on point. They look good.

Another word for on fleek. So it's on point.

Simply put: when you're brutal but awesome. 

Hundo P
'Are you gonna be at the party?' 'Oh yeah, hundo P'. 100%. No, it's never gonna happen.

With grace or with class. Another word that's hopefully not going to happen, there's just no logic in this one.

Do you use any of these slang words?

Posted by Malu Swartjes

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  1. Shelly Thorneoktober 27, 2016

    Oops, guilty! I use bae and slay a lot haha, sometimes I don't even realize how normal those words have become XD

  2. Bae staat voor 'Before Anything Else' :)


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