We scream 'I'm having a bad hair day' way too quickly... Instead of covering our hair under beanies or throwing it into a cute messy  sloppy bun, why don't we just braid our hair? Pretty sure The Kardashians are the trend setters who made braided hair instantly cool instead of just cute and adorable, but hey, there are so many ways to braid your hair... There's a look for each style!

Rock your braids wrapped around a topknot, upside down or get creative with a fishtail braid. Whatever the look is that you're going for, anything braided will do. Some Youtubers even added glitter hairgel in the middle parting to make their braided do more festive! What are your favorite braided looks?

Glittery braids

Double French braids

Half-up braid

Half up half down with braids

Loose messy side braid

Low braided bun

Mixed braids

Ttop knot braided buns

Posted by Malu Swartjes on 1 October