10 Celebs Who Look Way Younger Than They Are

Aging can already be hard for many people, so can you imagine how much pressure these Hollywood stars must be experiencing to look good? Whether it is a great diet, the most expensive beauty treatments and products or a little filler or surgery here or there... These 10 celebrities look WAY younger than they are. (and they definitely don't scream 'plastic')

Christie Brinkley (62)
Christie Brinkley is a model and actress who got known for her pretty racy Sports Illustrated covers in the 70's and 80's. Nowadays she's still looking as good as when she first got famous.

Rene Russo (62)
Rene Russo is also 62, but you definitely would not say that if you look at this photo. The actress and former model admits that daily work outs is her secret to staying young.

Kris Jenner (61)
We all know Kris Jenner as the mommager who's running the entire Kardashian brand and the carreers of her daughters Kourtney, Kim, Khloe, Kendall and Kylie. The Kardashian's are not afraid of some cosmetic enhancements, but with Kris, it is done naturally. When you'd say Kris is in her 50's, we'd totally believe it.

Dylan McDermott (55)
Say what?? Actor Dylan McDermott could easily pass for somewhere in his fourties, but nope, he's in his mid fifties! Still looking good, although he's probably dying his hair which definitely contributes to his younger look.

Demi Moore  (54)
Google a photo of Demi Moore and they all seem to be taken in the same year... Does she even age? With her shiny black hair and flawless skin she could easily pass as the older sister of her daughters.

Johnny Depp (53)
Actor Johnny Depp sure loves to switch up his style and hair do every now and then, but he doesn't seem to look older as the years pass. 

Jennifer Lopez (47)
Years after the hit song, J.lo is still looking like Jenny From The Block. Her body, her hair, her skin...She completely looks like she's just entered her 30's. Her secret is a clean diet and working out 4 times a week.

Jennifer Aniston (47)
Another 47 year old Jennifer that sure doesn't look her age... Jennifer Aniston has got that youthfull skin and thick, silky hair that most ladies half her age would dream of.

Gwen Stefani (46)
This Hollaback girl hasn't changed a bit since her hit songs in the early nineties. What's keeping her young? She claims it's love and happiness.

Sofia Vergara (44)
When you hear that actress Sofia Vergara has got a 23 year old son, you might start to wonder how that's possible, as Sofia herself looks like she's in her early thirties! The star is actually 44... Would you have guessed?

Posted by Malu Swartjes on 20 November 2016


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