The Easiest Hair Trend Ever: The Bubble Ponytail!

The regular low ponytail is so 2 years ago. This new version is way cooler and super easy to create on both medium and long hair. And if you haven't got very long or full hair, you can always throw in some  hair extensions  to really make the most out of the bubble ponytail. Let's check out some inspiration and a quick tutorial for this easy and fun fall hair trend.

All you need for this look is some styling products and hair ties. You can start out by applying some volume mousse or volume powder (dry shampoo makes your hair a little more rough too) to your hair to make it easier to work with. After that step, start by making a low ponytail. Keep on wrapping hair ties around the ponytail about 5 centimeters below each other. Here's how you make the actual 'bubble': pull each section of hair in between the hair ties untill it gets poofy. Let's literally how easy this look is. How do you like this hair trend?

Also fun: a half bubble half straight ponytail, like spottend on the catwalk below!


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