Must Visit: Geodesic Dome Suites In Tanzania

All you travel junkies pay attention, because this destination has got to make it onto your travel list. After seeing this, you'll want to pack up your bags and go. Forests, the most amazing views over the Olmoti Vulcano and chances of spotting wilde life... These stunning dome suites in the Asilia Africa’s Highlands camp in Tanzania are your perfect romantic safari destination. 

Located in a mountain forest on the slopes of the Olmoti volcano, the Highlands camp has got eight breathtaking dome suites, all with an amazing view. Each suite contains a king-sized bed, a luxurious bathroom and the best part: floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the Serengeti. Oh em gee!

Enjoying the view is not all you can do, even though we would't really mind, would we? You can climb the Olmoti volcano or descend into the Ngorongoro Crater from camp. How exciting! Also, you can go on a drive through the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, which is where you can spot leopards, buffalos, elephants and zebras. The best of all is that the camp is eco-friendly, as the Geodesic shaped domes are more efficient than rectangular structures, because their shape results in more airflow. 

But a luxurious stay in these dome suites does not come cheap... Prices vary from $430 to $895 per person, per night. But hey, if you'd like to invest in an amazing trip to never forget, these suites in Tanzania are the place to go! 

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Posted by Malu Swartjes on 17 November 2016


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