Switch Up Your Hair Routine For More Volume

Whether you have long or short hair, you probably want your hair to be bouncy and voluminous, right? There are tons of  products such as volume mousses, powders and sprays to give your hair more structure and therefore create more volume. But there is something about the traditional way we wash our hair that basically works against all the products we use after washing our hair to get more volume. Conditioner that is.

Of course we all know the routine: shampoo first, then conditioner. But did you know that conditioner wears your hair down, literally? That's why some beauty guru's swear by the reverse shampooing method. Your hair will get way more voluminous when you first apply conditioner, rinse it out and then wash your hair. As conditioner is pretty greasy, it will always leave an amount of product in your hair left after rinsing it. If you wash your hair with conditioner afterwards, you will decrease the amount of conditioner left in your hair, but it still feels smooth and soft. 

When your hair is dried up afterwards, you'll notice how much lighter your hair will feel and how much better the actual volume products will work. Worth the try!


Posted by Malu Swartjes on 29 November 2016


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  2. Great advice! Thanks for sharing :)

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