Drinking This Will Help You Feel Better After Over Eating

It happens to everyone every once in a while: over eating and / or drinking while out for dinner with friends or family. All that food and good company easily makes you eat way more than you should. Because your stomachs is not used to it, you often feel super bloated and uncomfortable afterwards. It may even keep you up at night and cause heartburn. So what can you do to feel better as soon as possible? Keep on reading to find out about this easy trick that will always work.

Sometimes it seems like nothing will help and that bloated feeling is going to last forever. But there is actually something that works wonders, and the ingredients are often already in our kitchen! As soon as your feel like you've over eaten, the best thing you can do is have a glass of warm lemon water. Warm water is less of a shock to your already sensitive stomach and lemon is great for your digestion to get some of that heavy, fatty foods out of your system. This will also help calm down your stomach when you're suffering heart burn afte eating too much. 

So now you know the best remedy to feel better as soon as possible when that heavy, bloated feeling kicks in when you realize you've eaten too much...A glass of warm lemon water will help you feel much better!

Posted by Malu Swartjes on 15 November 2016


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  1. dat moet ik echt onthouden, ik eet altijd te veel als ik uiteten ga haha


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