Chistmas Make Up Ideas

Christmas is that time of the year when you can go all out, with lots of glitter and glamour, for  your ultimate Christmas party look. If you've got  a party or a lovely dinner planned, you may be looking for some examples on how to do your makeup already. Look no further, because BLES Magazine has got some amazing Christmas make up inspiration in store for you!

Smokey eyes, glittery eyeliner and bold lips: everything is allowed! Just not combined all together, so take a  look below and pick out your favorite look to wear to your Christmas dinner or party. Share your favorite look in the comments!

Glitter liner
It's so easy to add a little sparkle to your eye makeup with a glitter eyeliner! If you prefer a more strong glittery look you can also use eyelash glue and loose glitters for a more dramatic look. These type of bold eye looks look best with more neutral shades on the lips.

Image source 1 & 2

Nude lips & Smokey eyes
Jennifer Lopez and Cara Delevingne know how to rock the classis nude lips vs. smokey eyes look! It's a perfect look for  Christmas, as it goes with any outfit and it's definitely eat, drink and party proof!

Image source 1 & 2

Bold lips and natural eyes
Or go the other way around: bold bright lips and a natural eye look. Also very Christmas proof, but perhaps a little less eat and drink proof. If you make sure you go for a longlasting lipstick or even better, a matte one, you won't get lipstick all over the place.

Image source 1 & 2

If you'd rather skip the traditional make up looks this Christmas, hop on board with the newest make up trend: metallic all over! Metallic colors, whether they're light or dark, can be seen on the eyes, lips and all the places you usually put your highlighter. 

Image source 1 & 2

Are you creative with make up? Then an artistic eye look like one of these may be fun for you! It takes a pretty steady hand to create these beautiful eye looks, but you'll definitely be a showstopper if you turn up to your Christmas dinner or party with an eyelook like this!

Image source 1, 2, 3 & 4

Posted by Malu Swartjes on 13 December 2016


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  1. Fabienne Willemsdecember 14, 2016

    Ik houd echt van glitters voor kest!

  2. These makeups are all beautiful! Thanks for the inspirations!


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