New Years Resolutions... We all make them every year but only few of us actually stick to them. Stop smoking, start working out more, eathing healthy, less shopping and more saving.. These might sound pretty familar! But there are some things you can add to your New Years resolutions list that are very wise to stick to!

Stop caring about the opinion of others
We're all guilty of this one.. But let's face it: it would save you some stress and insecurities to stop caring about what other think about you. For the new year, let's let go of negativity and focus on positive vibes!

Stand up for yourself
Especially in work or school, many people have a hard time standing up for themselves. But sometimes it's good to say no or to stand up for your own opinions. It might actually give you a confidence boost.

Stop stressing over your own mistakes
Aren't we all just humans? We often say it to others but seem to forget it when it's about ourselves: it's okay to make mistakes. Let's no longer stress about them but learn from them and move on.

Don't worry about fitting in
Whether it's about friends at school, colleagues at work or your social status and your friends: stop worrying about fitting in. It's what makes us insecure and drives us crazy! And it's unnessacerry. Your friends and family will love you for who you are. There's only 1 you so just be you and you'll be fine:)

Work on your health
For many people this means: setting unrealistic goals to turn into an Instagram fit girl. Totally not do-able and not healthy at all! Start with eating fruits and veggies every day. Go for a walk every day. Go to sleep an hour earlier so you will improve your sleeping. Those small things will improve your health, too!

What are your New Years resolutions? PS. This will be the last post on BLES Magazine for this year, so on a personal note: Thanks you for reading BLES Magazine! It's pretty crazy how fast this online platform has grown in just 3 months, so I'd like to say the biggest cheesy THANK YOU to all my daily readers ♥♥♥

Posted by Malu Swartjes on 31 December 2016