Casual Chic Outfit Ideas

The dresscode 'casual chic' has got to be the most perfect one out there...a mix between casual and chic clothes! It's a great way to dress every day for work, school, but it's also appropriate for job interviews or other formal occasions. Want to look casual chic, aka: fancy but not too overdresse, every day? Here are 10 casual chic outfit ideas to give you some inspiration.

When it comes to casual chic outfits, think about a fancy item like a neat white blouse or black trousers, but combined with a simple top or plain jeans. Think basics, combined with chic items! Blazers with plain jeans or trousers and a t-shirt, leather leggings with a white blouse, an it-bag and sneakers. YES, the casual chic combination is endless!

Posted by Malu Swartjes on 08 January 2017


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