Luxury For Princess Flat Iron Styler For Silky Smooth Hair

The one and only brand that offers the widest range of hair products I personally know of, has got to be Luxury for Princess. Hair extensions in all sorts and colors? Check. A 5-in-1 Curling Wand? Check! Fancy storage cases for your hair extensions? Yes. And now my favorite hair extension brand recently released the best hair straightener I've ever used: the Luxury Flat Iron Styler.

I tried and tested the Flat Iron Styler  at the perfect moment: when my natural hair is most frizzy. As my natural hair is quite thin and short, its hard to get a voluminous looking bun without using extensions. A trick that I use is making a high ponytail and teasing the hair till the max. That big frizzy hair ball will easily turn into a big bun, but when I brush it out at the end of the day, I am left with hair that looks like the exoploded mess on the first picture. I brushed it out and started to run the flat iron styler through it, section by section.

It straightened my hair in seconds and left it feeling and looking smooth and shiny. Then I clipped in my hair extensions and repeated the process of straightening the hair section by section. What makes the hair so incredibly smooth is the 100% pure golden titanium plate that allows the smoothest styling ever with zero tugging on the hair. The styler has got a 2.4m 360˚ Salon Swivel Cord, which makes it so easy to use in every angle! The styler heats up in 10 seconds and up till 320 degrees. Check out my before and after photos below.

You can use discount code MALU15 on the Flat Iron Styler and the 5-in-1 Curling Wand and discount code MALU5 on hair extensions ♥

Posted by Malu Swartjes on 05 January 2017


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  1. The topmost consideration that you must think about is the length and type of your hair. Nearly all flat irons are appropriate to all types of hair. Nevertheless, see to it that you buy the flat iron that has an appropriate size for your hair.


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