4 Fun Workouts You Won't Mind Doing At Home

Let's face it... Working out is not always our favorite thing to do. Especially not if it requires us to drag ourselfs to the gym! But hey, there are a few workouts that are super effective and actually really fun to do in the comfort of your own home. You can do them whenever you want  and whenever you feel like it. Let's take a look at a few of these workouts and discover what these will do for you.

Hula Hooping
How much fun was this to do as a kid?! When working out with a hula hoop, you don't want to look for those plastic hoops, nope, actualy workout hula hoops are the way to go! These vary from 1,5 to about 3 kilograms and usually have soft rubber padded parts that massage your skin and muscles. I've been hula hooping for 2 months, for 20 minutes almost every day. It's a great way to achieve a six pack! To keep that hula hoop in the air you really have to work your core. It tones your back muscles too. Eventually you can hoop lower and lower, focussing on the hip/butt/thigh area too. So this fun work out will help you achieve a more toned upper and lower body!

Jumping rope

This is also a fun workout that you probably loved doing as a child. This makes a great warming up for any other workout you may have planned, but can also be done as a full workout on it's own. It will get your heartbeat up really fast and jumping at a steady pace will make you to use all of your muscles: arms, core, legs... It's a great work out to burn some calories as well as tone your body.


These are super easy to do whenever you feel like it. You can put on a fun playlist of your favorite music and throw some squats into your workout routine. You can do these with weights or without. The most important thing to keep in mind is to get down far enough, with a straight back, to keep your knees bent in a 90 degree angle. People often think this workout will result in a bigger, more toned butt, but in fact: this workout is meant to work on your leg muscles! So if you want to get your legs in shape for the summer: squats are the workout for you!

Okay, not really something you can do at home, unless you have a very big garden. But going for a quick run around the block definitely sounds a whole lot better than actually going to a gym to work out, right? A bit of cardio is a great addition to your at-home-work-out routine. When you put on some upbeat music and have your refreshing drink with you, nothing feels better than a good old run!

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Posted by Malu Swartjes on 15 February 2017

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  1. I love jump rope but I don't know about squats, my legs can't take it for very long :P


  2. That's the best workout to do!


  3. Hula hooping is actually SO hard! You wouldn't think it could be a legit workout, but it totally is!

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