Forget Rose Gold: Mauve Is THE Color This Season

Rose gold was the color last year. From the rose gold version of the iPhone to jewellery, furniture and even hair colors. Rose gold was the bomb. However it's not an extremely different color as rose gold, this new shade of pink this season is hot and happening. Say hellow to everything mauve now!

The color mauve comes in different shades, but it's basically a mix of purple, pink and beige shades. Again, everything from our clothes to our hair, nails, accessories and makeup is allowed to be mauve colored. It's just so pretty, not as girly as rose gold and it's a perfect color to wear with basic colors like black and white. And of course: demim! Or what about silver and golden accents? Yes, you probably understand why this is a color to go wild for! Take a look below to get inspired on how to rock the mauve trend this spring and summer.

PS. HOW on trend is BLES Magazine's layout right now? BLES Magazine invented mauve, let's face it 😛

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  1. Wonderful magazine

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  2. This colour is amazing!! Thank you for this inspiring post!

  3. You are so right! I am obsessed with everything you posted here! I love it all!


  4. Amazing post dear,

  5. This is nice. For me I get my Mauve Lipstick by mixing up burgundy and Nude colour Lipstick and it comes out nice. Good post Mail Swartjes


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