This Deodorant Will Stop You From Sweating Completely

Although sweating is a totally natural thing, nothing is more annoying than having those unattractive sweat stains on your t-shirt when you're a little overheated. Or even worse: actually smelling because of the sweat that's built up under your armpits and in your clothes! Yikes. Truth is, we all sweat in order to regulate our body temperature, but nobody wants to smell bad and have stains in their clothes.  Familar problem? Keep on reading, because the following product, that's available in many drugstores, will stop you from sweating completely!

The Odorex Extra Dry Spray will stop you from sweating from your armpits. Completely! This mild spray suppresses excessive perspiration and prevents unpleasant smells. Of course when you're overheated and your body makes you sweat, you will still sweat in other places, just not the armpits. So byebye sweaty underarms and nasty odors! Using 2 sprays under your arms before you go to sleep should keep you sweat and smell free for up to 2 days - no regular deodorant needed anymore. I personally thought this was too good to be true, so before actually trying it myself, I read tons of reviews from other bloggers. That's what convinced me to try this myself and all I can say is: YES, this works!

Usually when I'm in a hurry to catch my train or when I wear a leather jacket, I notice sweat stains on my shirt under my arms, so it's really the stains that were a problem for me when wearing certain clothes or when it was hot outside. I always carry deodorant with me so I tried my best to not smell. Because this spray keeps your underarms dry at all times, there's no chance of sweat stains or a sweaty smell anymore.

Beause this spray does not contain any perfumes, I do like to apply some regular deodorant in the morning because I like to smell fresh (I tested it without using any other deodorants first) so this combination is perfect to me! It's about 5 euro's, which I think would be expensive for a random deodorant, but for this one, it's so worth it!

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