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It's been a while since I last shared an outfit post here on BLES Magazine, but today I'd not only like to share my outfit with you... I'd also like to share somewhat of  tip with all my fashionista's out there who have something in common with me... I'm always freezing cold! Fall and winter times are pure horror for me, I get cold all the time and it makes me feel so crappy that I just don't want to leave the house. I've found a fabulous and stylish solution though...

The faux fur coat! There must be a reason why faux fur coats are so much warmer than other coats.. I've noticed with all three of my faux fur coats that the cold air just doesn't get through, so my arms and body stay a lot warmer when wearing faux fur. It's the perfect garment for me in the winter, but for now, when the weather is still a little nice to me, I just wear the faux fur coat open like this. In the winter times I'll make sure to wrap it up tightly with a matching scarf though.

So ladies, if you're anything like me and you can't deal with those cold winter breezes, get yourself some faux fur! They keep you warm, they're comfortable and cozy, and you look chic af wearing them!

Top: H&M | Trousers: H&M | Sneakers: Zara | Coat: H&M | Bag: Michael Kors

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