Hi everybody!

I am back with a pretty big announcement... BLES Magazine is going Dutch! I´ve been thinking about this for a very long time, as I noticed that most of my visitors nowadays are Dutchies. Also, writing in English is what I´ve been doing for almost 8 years now, and it´s given me an amazingly big international audience on my previous blogs. (Anyone here been around  when this used to be thestylishconfessions.com  and later maluswartjes.com? 😊) But as I am working as a copywriter and online marketeer now, I write in Dutch almost non-stop now, and I feel like I can express myself much better in my native language.

The articles that are on here already will remain in English, but I will add a translate button on top of the homepage so the articles I will write in Dutch can be translated to your own language. I realize a big part of my readers are non-Dutchies so if you won't continue reading BLES Magazine - no harsh feelings😜Do make sure to follow me on Instagram, as I'll keep posting in English there.  For now - thanks to all my readers from abroad!

Dutchies! Welkom op mijn eerste Nederlandstalige bericht ooit hier op BLES Magazine! Ik ben van plan om het schrijven weer lekker op te pakken, wat ondanks dat Engels als mijn tweede taal voelt, toch een stuk makkelijker is in het Nederlands. Ik hoop jullie vanaf nu in het Nederlands te kunnen voorzien van een dosis inspiratie, leuke nieuwtjes, tips, tricks en trends.

Tot de volgende keer!