5 Tips To Make Household Chores More Fun

Doing household chores: cleaning, vacuuming, mopping floors, laundry, ironing, making the bed etc ... For some it's a real disaster, but for others it's a good activity. I personally  really don't mind -i won't say I love it- to to do the household chores! I really like a clean, tidy home. I also have days where I think: 'nope, not n the mood today' but in general, I get positive energy from a bit of dusting, mopping and cleaning the entire house up! You know what they say: clean room, clean mind! In this article I am going to give you my tips to make doing household chores much more fun😎.

1. Cleaning is a work out!
We start off with a total win-win situation! Have you ever realised that an hour of cleaning, making your bed and vacuumin can make you burn hundreds of calories? You can skip your work-out and just clean the house instead! This always gives me a good feeling, because I literally walk around the house the entire time and afterwards I can ejoy a clean house, while I've burnt some calories. Yay!

2. Reward yourself
This is my best motivation. I often just really want to chill on the couch with a blanket and a fun movie, but hey, my house does not clean itself. I often 'reward' myself when I have completed my household to-do list. When we look back at tip #1 where we burn a few calories, it's totally okay to reward yourself afterwards with some Tony Chocolonely or a triple chocolate American cookie😇

3. Make a to-do list
Reason for this? Firstly, it's my obsession with lists - I like having that overview - and on the other hand: you immediately see results. And that motivates again! If I have 6 things on my to do list and I can mark one out, then I want to quickly finish the rest as well. In other words: if I work faster and finish that entire to-do list, I can go back to point 2: that American Cookie 😜

4. Put on your favorite music
Isn't music great when cleaning the house? With the vacuum cleaner swinging through your living room, ironing on the beat of that one song and hitting the completely wrong notes while you are doing the dishes... With music on, those household chores suddenly becomes a lot less boring!

5. Find a rythm
The household chores are more or less a recurring tasks ... Finding a rhythm in when you do which task, makes it becomes more of a routine. For example, I often use my evenings off to do some chores when my boyfriend is out for football, as I'm alone anyways. Or when we do it together (that's always more fun than alone) we do that on Saturday morning or Sunday morning / afternoon, so we can spend the rest of the weeking chilling in a clean, tidy house.

If doing those household chores really isn't your thing - but you realise you gotta do it some time- try out these tips. You never know if you're gonna end up being a total household fanatic!

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