5 Creative Solutions With Nailpolish

5 Creative Solutions With Nailpolish

DIYing and being creative with random stuff: I love it! Over the years I've discovered quite a few handy hacks when it comes to nailpolish. You can use this for way more purposes than just giving your nails a fun color. Keep on reading to find out my 5 creative solutions with nailpolish!

Identifying your keys
Do you also have a bunch of keys and does that make it hard to find out which one you need? I often mix up my keys, which is quite annoying when you're in a hurry. I decided to give each color a pop of color by applying some nailpolish onto the base of the key. Of course, you can also just paint a dot of color onto the keys or paint them entirely, but I thought giving the base a color was enough to easily identify them.

Lakleer bijwerken
When you have a pair of patent leather shoes, you'll know that you'll get scuffs on them quite easily. I have a pair of black patent heels which easily keep stuck inbetween tiles on the streets, so the heels are pretty damaged. I take a black, shiny nailpolish to repair the scuffs on the heels. This works really well!

Clear nailpolish on non-silver jewelery
Nowadays I don't own any jewelery that is not sterling silver, because I hate that discoloration from rings, bracelets and necklaces. But there is something you can do to prevent a green or black hue on your skin from jewelery: apply some clear nailpolish on the inside or rings and bracelets and on the backside of necklaces. Any party of jewelery that comes into contact with your skin basically. It won't keep your jewelery from discoloring forever, but it definitely lasts a long time.

Paint your phone's charger 
This one is my favorite! I have two phones (one for work) and therefore I have two chargers on my desk. Colleagues often ask me to borrow my charger, but sometimes I get the wrong one back - or it get's lost on other people's desks. I painted my chargers with a clear, super sparkly nailpolish. Now everyone knows the glitter chargers are mine ;)

Adjust your phone case
I own way too many phone cases, simply because after a few weeks, I get bored of the design already. (Phone cases are not just for protection of your phone, they're fashion accessories, right?) I particularly love marble designs, as they are perfect for adding some sparkly nailpolish on certain parts of the design. I often pimp my phone cases with sparkly nailpolish - it gives the case a fabulous new look!

I hope this article gave you some fun inspiration on how to use nailpolish, other than just on your nails. If you have more tips on DIYing with nailpolish, leave a comment in the comment section!

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  1. Vergeet niet dat nagellak ook helpt bij het scheuren van je panty!


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