Super Easy DIY | Hydrating Lip Balm

Super Easy DIY | Hydrating Lip Balm

For as long as I can remember I have had very dry lips ... The most annoying thing is: I can not stop picking my lips and it results in painful chaps. I have tried a lot to tackle those dry, chapped lips but unfortunately nothing helped. No Labello or fancy lip scrub, not even the well-known O'Keeffes Lip Repair balm. After a long search on the internet I came across a super simple DIY and after a few days I can finally reassure you that this really works! 

The products you'll need
Of course everyone knows Vaseline ... I have had the jars with Lip Therapy before, but I only recently discovered that this product mixed with another product, really gives you amazing results. The stuff I mixed the Vaseline with is 100% pure, Moroccan Argan oil! When I was in Morocco laast year, I went looking for the best, pure Argan oil. Once I found it I took 8 bottles of it home to the Netherlands, of which I still have a nice stock left. Fortunately, there are also enough web shops that sell 100% pure Moroccan Argan oil, but make sure that it actually comes from Morocco and that it has no other additions. 

Why it works
The 'Moroccan gold' has a large amount of anti-oxidants, including vitamin E, which increases the skin's ability to regenerate and it has natural anti-aging properties. Argan oil penetrates deeper into the skin than other oils (such as coconut oil) and retains moisture. Vaseline also does this, which makes me personally think that this combination works so well. I first melted the Vaseline (a whole jar of Lip Therapy) by putting it in a small container and then heating it briefly. I added a tablespoon of Argan oil to the liquid Vaseline. Briefly stir, pour into a small jar and allow to cool the mixture. That's it! 

When I apply this mix to my lips I notice that it is slightly more fluid than just Vasline, because of course oil has been added. But what I also notice is that this combination stays on for a long time and really hydrates my lips. This stuff has finally broken the vicious circle of contstantly picking my lips because they're so dry. In addition, it is a 100% natural product, so I feel free to apply it all day and enjoy sift lips all the time. If you also suffer from dry lips, try this DIY.  Trust me, it is worth it!

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