Tested: Do Lip Plumping Products Really Work?

Plumper lips, I personally don't know any girl who wouldn't love to have fuller, plumper lips. We don't always love the Kylie Jenner look, but some naturally fuller lips: oh yes! Many cosmetic brands jumped in on the fuller lips trend and came up with various lip plumping products. In this article I'm not talking about the lip suction devices - those definitely work for a few hours - but I'm reviewing a few lip plumping glosses to find out: do lip plumping products really work?

I'm gonna give it to you straight: my exeperience is that these products do not work. Not even a little bit. Not even the most expensive ones. It's just a great marketing tric, but as always: if it is too good to be true, it probably is. The 'secret' ingredient in almost all lip plumping products is nothing more than menthol. What this does is make your lips tingle and promote blood flow, which can optically make your lips more red and possibly a teeny tiny bit larger. The amount of menthol you need to apply to your lips - I tried toothpaste on my lips to prove this point lol - is so much, it would make it very uncomfortable before you see results. The tingling sensations makes you think it's working wonders, but in my opinion, it's just irritating to my lips.

Too Faced Lip Injection Extreme Lipgloss - €25,99
I first tested the most hyped product for fuller lips: the Lip Injection Extreme lip gloss from Too Faced. This was also the most uncomfortable of the 3 glosses I tested: it burns sooo badly! This gloss is super shiny and does not feel sticky, but those are all the positive things I could find. The gloss doesn't last very lomg and most importantly, it does nothing to increase the size of my lips. Unfortunately, the reviews online are actually pretty positive. However, on the official website and big webshops like Sephora, reviews are approved before they are posted online. That could explain that any negative experiences with this product will not shop up online. Despite the fact that the great beauty gurus like Jeffree Star are enthusiastic about it (guess somebody got paid for it), this product does not do anything for me. By the way, I have thrown this one out before I thought of writing a review about this so I have no picture of it😅.

Ofra Lip Plumper lipgloss - €17,95
The net lip plumping gloss I tried was a clear one from Ofra. After applying a thick layer, I still didn't feel a tingling senstation, but I could actually smell menthol. Kinda strange! It did make my lips look smooth and wrinkle free, but as far as a plumping effect goes: it didn't do a thing for me. It does last very long and I like how it makes my lips smooth, so I do use this every now and then. But for that price range, I would rather use a random clear gloss with no 'plumping effect.

Tested: Do Lip Plumping Products Really Work?

Catrice Volumizing Lip Booster - €3,49
I was quite done after testing two lip plumpers from high quality brands that did not plump my lips at all... But I was still curious to try this Essence Volumizing Lip Booster, as it was such a cheap one! It definitely stings my lips a bit and has got a strong menthol smell, but also: a subtle pink shimmery color. I like the color so much that I acutally don't care that it -surprise- does not plump my lips at all. I love this gloss for every day use and I do think it smoothes out my lips. I guess that optically makes your lips look a little plumper? But an actual fuller pout, nope, that didn't happen.

Lip plumpers really don't work. When you think about it, it's just too good to be true. Lip plumping glosses surely can make your lips look smoother and therefore a little fuller, but they will not promote that much blood flow that lips actually increase in size. So my tip would be: don't put those irritating lip glosses on your lips, just overline them a little for a fuller look and top if off with a nice, shiny lip gloss. Or reach out for lip fillers - I've tried that too, which I afterwards didn't like - those are the only option for actual bigger lips.  Share your experience with lip plumping products in the commet section, I'd love to hear what you think.👄

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