My 2nd Liquid Nosejob Experience + Side Effects Warning To Keep In Mind

My 2nd Liquid Nosejob Experience + Side Effects Warning To Keep In Mind

It's been about 18 months ago that I shared my first experience with a liquid nosejob / non surgical nosejob with you. If you missed it, read all about it here. I remember how hesistant I was about sharing the experience and letting basically anyone who reads the article know that I had this procedure done. Now, when I look back, I am super happy that I shared my story! I've had a few people e-mail me about also getting their insecurity 'fixed' at the same clinic as I went to and that my story really helped them. As happy as I was to hear nothing but positive reactions on that article, I really want to share my story again, but for different reasons. I want to share my honest experience about the second time I got this done and the major side effects I had. 

BLES Magazine is my personal platform where I can share whatever I feel is fun, important or relevant to share. As I had a great first experience with nose fillers, I didn't really think it would be all that different this time. But it was, and as I was kinda desperately searching Google for similar experiences, I realized that there are so little real stories about the side effects of getting fillers injected. So here's my story, so I can hopefully make others aware of the side effects that can occur.

Why I chose a different clinic
With my first liquid nosejob, I chose Velthuis Kliniek (they have a few locations in Holland, I went to the one in Velp). Velthuis Kliniek is known from a tv programme and I immediately felt like they were professional, exclusive and very serious about offering the best service for their patients. For my second time, I went to Faceland Clinics - which are a little less known but they have clinics on way more locations in Holland and a few in Germany and Switzerland. A colleague had a good experience there and told me that they often have fillers on sale. That made me curious so I called and explained that after 20 months of fillers, I wanted to get a touch up. (I first noticed the bump on my nose slightly becoming visible again after 18 months of Juvederm filler). The woman on the phone immediately suggested to book an appointment, while I actually had a few questions. The whole thing felt kinda rushed, as if they just wanted to book the appointment already.

The consult and procedure
Just like with the first clinic, they booked my consult and appointment at the same time. I noticed that the clinic looked a lot less professional, but I thought: as long as the doctor is a pro who knows what he/she is doing, it's fine. The intake was super short, and again, I felt like they were in a hurry to just get the procedure done. I explained that I had this done before and that I was very specific about what I wanted and which filler I wanted - the same Juvederm Volbella as I had used previously. Unlike what I was told over the phone, this filler was not on sale. I was kinda bummed out, because I didn't want to spend that much for just a touch up, as I had counted on a sale. The doctor recommended me to go for the filler Belotero Voluma - of which she assured me that it was pretty much the same as Juvederm - and  that one was on sale. So, I took the gamble to try something new. Also, the doctor could not tell me how long the filler would stay put, whereas during my 1st appointment, the doctors assured me that Juvederm would stay for at least 12 to 18 months and it did. Luckily, I Googled it myself and Belotero should last around 12 months before the body starts to break the filler off enough to need a touch up again.

As soon as I laid down I asked the doctor if she was gonna put some numbing cream on my nose. She said, nope, that's not going to be necessary, because there was numbing product (lidocaine ) in the filler itself. When she started out I initially thought it wasn't too bad, but after the second injection, tears started rolling down my cheeks. Every injection ended with such a nasty stinging pain that I got extremely hot and sweaty, and I had mascara everywhere except on my eyelashes, from the tears running down my face. It was 15 minutes of very unnecessary pain. Of course, prior to my first procedure they applied  a numbing cream. Also, they used a canule, which is a needle with a blunt point that doesn't damage the tissue in the skin as much. Because of that, they can make one injection and move the canule from that point all the way into the areas that need to be injected. This time, they used a regular needle that needed to be inserted in every single area, over and over again. After about 20 seperate injections, we were done and I had 1ml of Belotero injected.

After the procedure... Side effects (swelling, bruising, pain)
Right after I got up out of the chair I was shocked to see what my nose looked like. Thankfully my sister was right beside me the entire time and reassured me that my nose looked good before it started to swell up, but I couldn't see it myself after I checked my reflection in the mirror. It was already so swollen, the shape was just weird. The doctor sat down, filled in some forms and just said it would go away after cooling it that night (I had it done around 8 PM). When I left the clinic it was so red and swollen that I covered my face when walking back to the bus stop. Once I got home, my mother was shocked to see my nose. She said it changed my entire face, and from the swelling I couldn't tell if I was going to like it or not. I cooled it that entire evening and then I went to sleep...

I woke up multiple times during that night from the pain. I noticed the tiny mark of the injection on the tip of my nose started bleeding again. I waited for it to stop, took an ibuprofen and tried to go back to sleep. After a terrible night, I looked in the mirror in the morning and the entire erea from my nose, to my cheeks and upper lip were incredibly sore, swollen en red. I kept on cooling it the entire day and continued to take ibuprofen to ease the pain. That evening, after 24 hours, the tiny injection hole started bleeding again after I had to sneeze. Any pressure on my face from sneezing or coughing (bad timing, I got a cold) caused the injection mark at the tip of my nose to start bleeding again. I reached out to the clinic and they just stated it wasn't too much of a big deal, so I continued the cooling and ibuprofen for that enire night. The next day, after about 36 hours, I noticed  a green-ish hue near my eye, on the height of where the filler was injection at the start of my nose bridge. I was still very swollen and painful.

The final result... Worth it?
I had the procedure done on a Thursday night and my nose finally stopped bleeding on Sunday morning. The swelling and bruising started to go down and as of that Sunday evening, I didn't need ibuprofen anymore. As I am writing this article, it has been 11 days in total and finally the tip of my nose isn't painful anymore, but it is still slightly sensitive and red. I need quite a lot of make up to cover the red spot. Looking back, I think it was the combination of the sharp needle instead of a canule, combined with a different filler than I had before, and the fact that she had to inject at least 20 times instead of once: this caused a completely different reaction that the first time I had this done. I must say: I really like the way my nose turned out, but was it worth it? No, I will never go back to this clinic that does these procedures for stunt prices, with doctors who seem to just want to rush things . Also, I would have wanted them to respect my preference for numbing cream, as the entire procedure ended up being extremely painful.

My tip would be: pick out a professional clinic if you want to get filler injections. If the prices are too good to be true, that should ring alarm bells. (Prices are usually around 200 to 300 euros per 0,5ml). Also: read reviews! I listened to my colleague, who happened to have multiple good experiences. I also let the cheap prices convince me - so I didn't think of reading any reviews online beforehand. Of course, after my procedure I went online to write a review myself and I came across many more negative reviews. With the first clinic I had a positive vibe as soon as I walked through the door, with this clinic it didn't feel 100% reliable... Also keep in mind: even when doctors promise you there will be no down time and you can get filler injections done over lunch break, know that each body can react differently. I guess I'm the Exception instead of the rule, but still: this can happen. If you're looking into getting fillers yourself, don't let my story discourage you, just let it be an example of the real risks and side effects that can come along with filler injections. Also make sure to read about my first nose filler experience, as that one went perfectly fine! 💋

Thankfully, I like my 'upgraded' nose a lot, but it was quite the experience awaiting the final result...

My 2nd Liquid Nosejob Experience + Side Effects Warning To Keep In Mind

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  1. OMG! I never knew that fillers could get you side effects THAT severe! On the first photo you'd think you've had your nose treated surgically. Good thing that you shared your honest story!

  2. Thank you! Crazy right! These are by far the most unflattering photo's of myself ever but I just had to share them as a warning of what can happen - even though I don't think this happens that much, other wise I would have found similar stories online. We only see the stories of completely botched faces due to failed procedures, but never succesfull procedures that had quite intense side effects instead .

    1. Hi, I'm days post filelrs and the tip of my nose is still extremely red.

      How long do you think it took in total before the redness went?

      Thanks :)

  3. wowww that is crazy!! My best friend also got this done and she literally did it after work and went to work again the next day.... guess she was lucky as this could have happened to everyone. I'm glad you're happy with the end result - it looks so good!

  4. Why don’t you do a surgery? Injections only make the nose bigger (I saw maybe one or two liquid nose jobs that I actually like better than the naturals ones, but those were small noses) and they have risks. Also, bumps are so sexy (unless they are very big)


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