3 Ways To Start Your Day With Motivation

3 Ways To Start Your Day With Motivation

Do you also have a hard time getting out of bed and starting your day with motivation? You're not alone, because especially during the fall and winter times, more and more people struggle with this. Whether it's because of the darker days, the cold or just because you're tired or in a rut... Here are 3 ways to start your day with motivation!

Positive vibes are different for everyone, so I must say that these 3 tips are based on my own experience. I have a hard time getting up because I'm often still super tired when I wake up and I am always cold. SO cold. Which makes me want to dive back into bed, but nope… Work’s waiting for me! So, here are my tips for a motivated start of the day.

1: Make sure you don’t have to hurry
I used to set my alarm clock as late as possible so I could get my maximum amount of sleep… Which only caused me to wake up feeling stressed already, because I knew I only had a short time to get ready. I skipped breakfast and ate an apple instead while I ran to the bus station. That doesn’t work, so I learned. I was exhausted before I even made it to work. Nowadays I make sure I have at least an extra 10 minutes so I can get a cup of tea before I leave the house. I pack my lunch, my stuff and walk out the door knowing that I won’t have to run to catch the bus. Those extra 10 minutes save a lot of stress in the morning when you have a bad hairday or if you need to fix a make up mistake. But most importantly: I take more time to wake up with a cup of tea and a proper breakfast. Way to start the day!

2: Put on some good music
While I get ready and do my hair and make up, I like to play some music on my phone. Silence makes me sleepy again in the morning, so I go for happy beats that instantly make me feel good and excited. I always notice a major difference when I wake up and play some music versus when I don’t. If you have a hard time waking up or if you often wake up feeling moody, try playing some of your favorite songs! Make sure you don’t put on songs that make you want to dance, or you’ll be back off with point 1 😉

3: Make a to do list
This one is crucial for me! I absolutely hate waking up thinking: I have a lot of stuff to do, but I don’t know exactly what, when, where or how!… To clear your head, make a to do list on your phone or just old school on paper. I make to do lists for work every single day, so I don't have to worry about forgetting any important tasks. But also for random stuff like reminding myself to put money on my public transport card, or buy groceries, or make an appointment for the dentist... I write everything down in to do lists. It simply makes it easier to let go of things that other wise run through your mind and make you worry. As long as you have a visual checklist, youl’ll be able to clear your head and get reminded of important tasks you should not forget about. Love it!

What are your tips to start the day with motivation?

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  1. Fijne tips! Ik zou ze ook moeten toepassen maar als ik langer kan slapen kies ik alsnog vaak daarvoor, ookal moet ik dan haasten 😅


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