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Wait, what? An outfit post!? It feels kind of strange (and new again) to make an appearance on my own blog, in the form of an outfit post. It's been quite a long time since I last shared my own looks here on BLES Magazine...  I no longer see myself as a fashion blogger, so I didn't really intend to share outfits anymore. My sister and I were goofing around with the portret mode of my iPhone 8 Plus and we realized that this camera takes the exact same quality photos as my professional SLR camera used to take! We were kinda shocked, these random outfit photos came out so well. I figured, why not share them here.

In case you were wondering if you can take proper outfit photos with an iPhone 8 Plus - you definitely can! The depth is amazing, I might just do this more often (let me know if you think I should). I wore this outfit on a relaxed day of strolling through the city on a Saturday afternoon.  This is what I love to wear in weekends: leggings, oversized sweaters and comfortable shoes. Especially when strolling through the city for hours. If you follow me on Instagram, you might recognize my faux fur coat...  I am pretty much living in this pink fluffy coat this winter, I wear it on all my Instagram photos! It's definitely my most favorite coat, as I've been obsessed with faux fur and this nude/pink color for years. 

This is the second year I've worn this coat, I've washed it as well and the quality is still very good! So as longs as the temperatures allow me, I will wear this coat from Zara many more times. Check the details below for the rest of this super rare outfit post👀

Coat: Zara | Sweater: H&M | Leggings: Topshop | Shoes: H&M | Scarf: Zara | Bag: Ralph Lauren

3 opmerkingen:

  1. jaaa die camera is top he? ik heb hem ook! Ik ben er in ieder geval blij mee! Leuke outfit ook!

  2. Oehh love the coat. It's so pretty and it looks really comfy!

  3. Very nice picture, looks good.
    Thank you for sharing and like your blog.


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