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Drinking water is super important...  So while you're at it, why not drink water in style and in a spiritual way? I've discovered a brand that creates beautiful gem infused water bottles a while ago. The company is called Manipura Malas. I was amazed when I read that their water bottles contain genuine crystals! I am someone who is convinced by the healing powers of crystals. I believe they can help boost your energy, help you feel more empowered and find inner peace. So you can imagine my joy when I received one of these stunning water bottles to review for you!

The citrine water bottle
The bottle I chose is the Citrine Water Bottle, which promises to give you energy, mental clarity, confidence and willpower. All things needed for me to start my new job just a few weeks ago. Call it superstition, but I really feel like it helps, even if  it's just the change in mindset because you want to believe you will get more energy and confidence. For me, this gem water bottle makes me feel not only healthier - because hey, I drink water all the time out of this gorgeous eyecather - but also makes me feel better about myself.

A gem infused bottle for everyone
There's many more gem infused water bottles  to chose from, you can pick one that matches your needs. For example, there are rose quarz, amethyst and obsidian gem infused bottles as well, and each bottle has it's own healing powers. Except the fact that I love what these bottles look like and how it can help you feel better, healthier, more positive and so on, here's why I love Manipuara Malas bottles even more:

  • The bottles are made out of glass and stainless steel: it's 100% BPA and Lead-FREE; Hard; Clear; Temp-Resistant, and dishwater safe.  
  • You save the Ocean with each bottle! No more plastic waste!
  • The bottles are wrapped up as gifts - so if you want to give yourself a present, you know what to get ;)
Discount code: BLES15SUMMER for 15% off
Of course I'd love each and every one of you to experience these stunning bottles too. The lovely owners of Manipura Malas were so kind to provide me with a discount code so you can get  15% off selected items. Add code BLES15SUMMER in your shopping cart for 15% off.  The code is valid till 31 July. Take a look at their webshop and see for yourself which gem infused bottle is most perfect for you😄

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