Waist Training | The Benefits... For Your Back!

You've heard of waist training before, I'm sure... The Kardashian / Jenner family has been promoting waist training, or waist cinching as it is often called, for years  and many are curious to see the results for themselves. I've tried waist training for a while and I've tried different types of waist trainers, so in this article, I'm gonna tell you all about the pro's and the con's. But in particular: how waist training can improve your posture and get rid of back pain!

Why would you start waist training?
Most people will start waist training because they want to achieve a smaller waist, which is where the corsets are actually made for. They will not make you lose weight, but they will shape your muscles by cinching in your waist and locally move your body volume. When you wear a waist trainer for a longer time, you will notice how your waist becomes more hourglass shaped.

Why I purchased a waist trainer
I have always had a tiny waist, so I did not purchase my waist trainer to get an even tinier waist. The only reason I got myself a waist trainer, is because this corset type of waist trainer provides major support for your mid- and lower back. I've always had a weak back, so I would strain my back very often. Sometimes it would happen without me making a weird move or bending over too quickly... But usually it happens when I've been doing household chores a lot, lifting heavy things etcetera. My lower back pain can get so extreme to the point where I can hardly walk, because of a shooting pain with every step I take. I feel like my back gets unsteady (which is not the case, it just feels like I have no strength in my back at all) and I have to hold my back with both hands while I walk: not ideal.

So, when I read that waist trainers really offer support and help improve posture and sitting / walking up straight, I ordered one from Miss Belt straight away. There are several brands out there, but I prefer the ones from Miss Belt and Velform Mini Waist.

What waist trainer do I recommend?
There are many different brands and types of waist trainers. For example, there are waist trainers that will produce heat and make you sweat, so your waist is promised to actually become smaller. I have never tried those, so I wouldn't be able to tell you whether they work or not. Then you have the 'Kardashian'  waist trainer, which is a latex corset with usually 3 rows of hooks, so you can adjust the waist trainer in size. This type of waist strainer is a little taller, so it covers the entire area from just below your bra till your hip bones. It's super smooth you can easily wear it under a tight dress as well, according to reviews I've read online.

Then there's a waist trainer like mine form Miss Belt and Velform. This one is not as tall, so it covers the area from the mid / lower ribs up until the hips. The major advantage in this one, in my opinion, is the fact that it's super adjustable with the stretchy velcro. You can go wear it a little looser, or go for an extreme hour glass shape when you pull the two extra straps tighter. The only disadvantage of this one is the noise it makes when you adjust the velcro straps... But other than that, the support this corset gives you is amazing. Because it closes with two extra velcro straps on your stomach, I would not wear a tight t-shirt on top of this waist trainer because you will probably be able to see it. I usually wear mine with a loose tee or sweater, because that makes me feel more comfortable. I like to wear my corset pretty tight, especially when I've strained my back to the point where I cannot walk without a little extra support😂.

It's not a replacement for exercises...
Just like this corset is not going to magically make you lose weight, it's not a replacement for back exercises either. I do visit a physiotherapist for my back problems, but he does say that the extra support will help me sit and walk up straighter and train my joints and muscles to be in this new, healthier position. So whether you use a waist trainer to make your waist smaller, or to help your back problems, also do your exercises :)

Let me know if you have any experience with waist trainers for cinching in your waist or supporting your back? I'd love to read your stories in the comment section.

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