BLES Magazine is an online magazine for women, all about Beauty, Life, Entertainment and Style. The topics you can read about on BLES Magazine are topics that have always had my personal interest and that I know a lot about... So that gives me a lot to share.

I share my experiences, knowledge and findings on certain topics here on BLES Magazine to inform and inspire others. Sometimes, also to create awareness. Having this platform allows me to share whatever I feel is interesting, important and relevant to share. On BLES Magazine there are no taboo subjects, as this platform is a reflection of myself. I am an open book, so the articles on BLES Magazine can be personal as well. That makes BLES Magazine a combination of my personal blog and an online platform on topics such as beauty, fashion and lifestyle for a worldwide audience🌎

I hope you enjoy reading BLES Magazine! If you have any questions or suggestions, you can contact me on blesmagazine@mail.com  (no hotmail or gmail, just 'mail.com' 😉)

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