Welcome to this page about me, Malu Swartjes. I'm the 26-year old blogger slash creative mastermind behind BLES Magazine. BLES Magazine is not my first blog, or as I would like to call it, online platform. I started my first blog (The Stylish Confessions, which is no longer online) in 2011. It was my own little piece of internet where I shared my adventures as a 18-year old in the big fashion world in Amsterdam. I did several PR internships where I worked for brands like Sarenza, Swarovski, Hunkem├Âller and Omega. I used my blog to write about fashion events, trends and my experiences of the -sometimes pretty intense- fashion world.

From bottom to top as a fashion blogger
Ever since day one I started out writing in English, because I knew that I could reach more people with my stories in English than in Dutch. I wanted to use my blog to inspire others, to share my creativity and to develop my writing, editing and (web)design skills. Later on I started showing my own outfits on my blog, since fashion was my main passion. That really turned it into a fashion blog. My blog started to grow rapidly and after three years, I realized that having an international fashion blog really helped me get the internships I wanted and later on, also the jobs I wanted in online marketing. That is when I started to blog even more professionally, and nowadays I can really say: everything I've learned during my studies (I studied Communications with a minor in Online Communications) was nowhere near as educational as starting my own international fashion blog from scratch at the age of 18. I did my own content creation, e-mail marketing, social media marketing, PR, photography and webdesign. It ended up giving me a great head start when I started my studies, because I already had quite a lot of experience with marketing and creating content. I knew one thing for sure: I was going to continue creating my own content, even during and after my studies.

New beginnings: BLES Magazine
In 2016, I decided that being a fashion blogger wasn't for me anymore. I went to fancy events almost every week, hung out with Dutch celebrities, bloggers and influential people. I quit my side job to focus on my blog and worked with brands like Zalando, UGG Australia, Luxury for Princess, Ray-Ban and OnePiece. It was great fun, but I also felt like being a fashion blogger became all about showing the perfect outfit and the perfect Instagram post at all times. Being a young girl, it is easy to get caught up in the world of glitter and glamour, and I realized that the whole fashion blogger bubble is actually quite superficial. So I decided to quit my blog, give myself a break from it all and after a few months of radio silence, I decided to start something new: BLES Magazine.

I wanted to focus on creating quality content, not just sharing reports from Fashion week and showing my outfits. Sharing everything I know about beauty, lifestyle, fashion, DIY-ing and sharing topics that I find relevant for my audience, that is what I wanted to do. So that is why I launched BLES Magazine, which stands for Beauty, Life, Entertainment & Style, in September 2016. I put everything I learned along the way into a press release to let everybody know that this ex-fashionblogger is back to blogging, with BLES Magazine. One of the biggest online business & marketing platforms of The Netherlands, Emerce, picked up the news and shared my press release. That helped BLES Magazine gain a lot of attention from the very first day it went live, but of course, I also still had many of the followers from my previous blog. That's how BLES Magazine started out big and grew even bigger over time.

Nowadays, I work as a marketer - doing pretty much all the things I love because I also do them as a blogger for BLES Magazine. I still love spending my spare time on creating content for BLES Magazine and I don't see myself quitting anytime soon­čśë. Don't want to miss my latest posts? Make sure to follow me on Facebook or Instagram for the newest updates.... Enjoy reading BLES Magazine!

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