What You Need To Know About Liquid Rhinoplasty

Cosmetic surgery has gone from ''taboo'' subject to being all over social media - it's getting more and more popular! Also my two honest experiences I shared about my own non surgical rhinoplasty, have turned out to become the most popular articles on BLES Magazine ever. Because I like to address the topic plastic surgery here on BLES Magazine, the editors of Aedit have asked my to write about the things you need to know about ligquid rhinoplasty. 

If you are looking to improve the contour of your nose without going for surgery, you absolutely can! Non-surgical nose jobs, also known as liquid rhinoplasty or liquid nose jobs, have become a popular cosmetic treatment over the years, with increasing numbers of patients seeking to solve their dorsal hump or a crooked nose with basically no downtime. Technically speaking, the procedure isn’t a rhinoplasty at all; it’s a dermal filler (usually hyaluronic acid) non-surgically injected into the nose. The promise in this procedure is that it is a seemingly easy fix for a very common cosmetic complaint. In my personal experience, the first time I had this procedure done, it was super quick and easy with no down time. The second time around, it was a different story with quite some side effects which you can read all about in the article linked above.

But is this procedure suitable for everyone?
According to Los Angeles plastic surgeon Jason Roostaeian, MD, requests for liquid rhinoplasties are on the rise due to increased exposure on social media. “As more people talk about it and see it posted, of course everyone becomes interested,” he says. “If they think they can get a good result without committing to a full surgery, then it’s enticing.”

Non-surgical rhinoplasty procedures involve strategically injecting filler into nasal valleys and curves to create the illusion of a smoother contour. To determine whether a person is a good candidate for the procedure, Beverly Hills plastic surgeon John Layke, MD, looks for several factors. Liquid nose jobs, he says, are performed “to correct a dorsal hump, to raise a drooping tip, to fill in contour irregularities (usually from a previous rhinoplasty),” and to correct minor nasal asymmetries or crookedness. For patients who are considering surgery but aren’t prepared to take the plunge, Dr. Layke says nasal filler allows you “to see the effects of improving the overall appearance of your nose without permanency. This way patients can try out their new nose to see if they like it.”

Patients with functional concerns, however, are not good candidates for nasal filler. As Dr. Layke explains, “Breathing issues cannot be corrected without surgery.” Dr. Jason adds that non-surgical rhinoplasty is also not ideal for those seeking dramatic or permanent changes, looking to fix a severely crooked nose, or hoping to correct a wide nasal base.

What to keep in mind when opting for liquid rhinoplasty
According to Dr. Jason, this treatment that’s taking the aesthetic business by storm has some other serious drawbacks. It has both limited potential to produce pleasing results and a serious set of risks. “With filler, we can only add - we have to make the nose larger,” he says. “It’s physically impossible to shrink a nose with filler.” For this reason, Dr. Jason cautions people to look critically at the size of the nose in before and after pictures. “It’s common for injectors to use photo trickery, where the ‘before’ is a closeup and the ‘after’ is taken a bit farther away to create an illusion that’s not actually achievable.”

Using injectable filler to alter the nose can also create an inconsistent result, says Dr. Jason, because “it dissolves all the time, so you’re chasing your tail trying to maintain it. The nose is very structural - it doesn’t make a lot of sense to add a gooey gel and expect it to look right.” This is especially true when addressing the nasal tip, he explains, because there, “the cartilage should be close to the skin. Pleasant looking noses have a bit of that underlying structure lending it substance visually.” Adding filler to the tip can sometimes result in simply exchanging a droopy appearance for a puffy one.

More concerning, however, are the potential complications associated with injecting filler into the nose since it has a high concentration of blood vessels. According to Dr. Jason, it’s crucial for people to seek out a highly trained injector, ideally a board certified plastic surgeon, to perform any kind of dermal filler cosmetic procedures. If filler is inadvertently administered into a vessel that leads to the eyes, irreversible blindness can occur without warning. More commonly, nasal filler carries a risk of skin death (known as necrosis, which happend to me during the second treatment), which happens when tiny blood vessels, like those along the sides or tip of the nose, become blocked with gel. According to Dr. Jason, the warning signs are usually immediately apparent and include skin discoloration or a blotchy, mottled appearance that’s distinctly different from typical bruising. “While you may safely see a slight purple elevation right where you were injected, seeing splotchy color away from the injection site isn’t good,” he says. A lack of color near the surface of the skin is also concerning. “When you press on normal skin, it turns white,” he explains, “and then when you release the pressure, it quickly turns pink again. You should be able to see that redness coming back right away.”

Liquid rhinoplasty pricepoint and procedure time
Non-surgical rhinoplasty typically costs around €300 - 1000 and takes about 10-15 minutes to complete. About twenty minutes before the procedure begins, the surgeons apply a topical numbing cream to make patients more comfortable. If they don't, you can ask for this yourself. I highly recommend this, as I did my 2nd procedure without numbing cream and it HURT. Dr. Layke usually starts with adjustments to the nasal tip (if applicable) before addressing the bridge of the nose, while Dr. Jason uses the same “top down” approach he takes during his surgical rhinoplasties. While patients may experience minor bruising and swelling at the injection sites for a couple of days, cold compresses help minimize their appearance. Everyone metabolizes filler differently, so results last about 18 months, but may begin to diminish as early as six months. If a patient is unhappy with their non-surgical rhinoplasty, Dr. Layke says that “Hyaluronidase can be injected to dissolve the product and return them to their pre-injected state.”

Whether you opt for a traditional or a non-surgical rhinoplasty, Dr. Layke urges patients to confirm that their surgeon certified, which you should be able to check on the website of your clinic. “Make sure you feel comfortable with the surgeon, as they must be able to manage potential complications,” he says. “Look at their results to ensure that their ‘aesthetic eye’ matches yours.” Dr. Jason adds, “Be diligent about examining standardized before and after photos. Those patient selfies aren’t accurate - what you can do with lighting and makeup completely changes the apparent result. What may look fine from one perspective could look terrible from every other view. When you're evaluating a plastic surgeon’s work, make sure that the result looks good from every angle."

You've heard of waist training before, I'm sure... The Kardashian / Jenner family has been promoting waist training, or waist cinching as it is often called, for years  and many are curious to see the results for themselves. I've tried waist training for a while and I've tried different types of waist trainers, so in this article, I'm gonna tell you all about the pro's and the con's. But in particular: how waist training can improve your posture and get rid of back pain!

Why would you start waist training?
Most people will start waist training because they want to achieve a smaller waist, which is where the corsets are actually made for. They will not make you lose weight, but they will shape your muscles by cinching in your waist and locally move your body volume. When you wear a waist trainer for a longer time, you will notice how your waist becomes more hourglass shaped.

Why I purchased a waist trainer
I have always had a tiny waist, so I did not purchase my waist trainer to get an even tinier waist. The only reason I got myself a waist trainer, is because this corset type of waist trainer provides major support for your mid- and lower back. I've always had a weak back, so I would strain my back very often. Sometimes it would happen without me making a weird move or bending over too quickly... But usually it happens when I've been doing household chores a lot, lifting heavy things etcetera. My lower back pain can get so extreme to the point where I can hardly walk, because of a shooting pain with every step I take. I feel like my back gets unsteady (which is not the case, it just feels like I have no strength in my back at all) and I have to hold my back with both hands while I walk: not ideal.

So, when I read that waist trainers really offer support and help improve posture and sitting / walking up straight, I ordered one from Miss Belt straight away. There are several brands out there, but I prefer the ones from Miss Belt and Velform Mini Waist.

What waist trainer do I recommend?
There are many different brands and types of waist trainers. For example, there are waist trainers that will produce heat and make you sweat, so your waist is promised to actually become smaller. I have never tried those, so I wouldn't be able to tell you whether they work or not. Then you have the 'Kardashian'  waist trainer, which is a latex corset with usually 3 rows of hooks, so you can adjust the waist trainer in size. This type of waist strainer is a little taller, so it covers the entire area from just below your bra till your hip bones. It's super smooth you can easily wear it under a tight dress as well, according to reviews I've read online.

Then there's a waist trainer like mine form Miss Belt and Velform. This one is not as tall, so it covers the area from the mid / lower ribs up until the hips. The major advantage in this one, in my opinion, is the fact that it's super adjustable with the stretchy velcro. You can go wear it a little looser, or go for an extreme hour glass shape when you pull the two extra straps tighter. The only disadvantage of this one is the noise it makes when you adjust the velcro straps... But other than that, the support this corset gives you is amazing. Because it closes with two extra velcro straps on your stomach, I would not wear a tight t-shirt on top of this waist trainer because you will probably be able to see it. I usually wear mine with a loose tee or sweater, because that makes me feel more comfortable. I like to wear my corset pretty tight, especially when I've strained my back to the point where I cannot walk without a little extra support😂.

It's not a replacement for exercises...
Just like this corset is not going to magically make you lose weight, it's not a replacement for back exercises either. I do visit a physiotherapist for my back problems, but he does say that the extra support will help me sit and walk up straighter and train my joints and muscles to be in this new, healthier position. So whether you use a waist trainer to make your waist smaller, or to help your back problems, also do your exercises :)

Let me know if you have any experience with waist trainers for cinching in your waist or supporting your back? I'd love to read your stories in the comment section.

Drinking water is super important...  So while you're at it, why not drink water in style and in a spiritual way? I've discovered a brand that creates beautiful gem infused water bottles a while ago. The company is called Manipura Malas. I was amazed when I read that their water bottles contain genuine crystals! I am someone who is convinced by the healing powers of crystals. I believe they can help boost your energy, help you feel more empowered and find inner peace. So you can imagine my joy when I received one of these stunning water bottles to review for you!

The citrine water bottle
The bottle I chose is the Citrine Water Bottle, which promises to give you energy, mental clarity, confidence and willpower. All things needed for me to start my new job just a few weeks ago. Call it superstition, but I really feel like it helps, even if  it's just the change in mindset because you want to believe you will get more energy and confidence. For me, this gem water bottle makes me feel not only healthier - because hey, I drink water all the time out of this gorgeous eyecather - but also makes me feel better about myself.

A gem infused bottle for everyone
There's many more gem infused water bottles  to chose from, you can pick one that matches your needs. For example, there are rose quarz, amethyst and obsidian gem infused bottles as well, and each bottle has it's own healing powers. Except the fact that I love what these bottles look like and how it can help you feel better, healthier, more positive and so on, here's why I love Manipuara Malas bottles even more:

  • The bottles are made out of glass and stainless steel: it's 100% BPA and Lead-FREE; Hard; Clear; Temp-Resistant, and dishwater safe.  
  • You save the Ocean with each bottle! No more plastic waste!
  • The bottles are wrapped up as gifts - so if you want to give yourself a present, you know what to get ;)
Discount code: BLES15SUMMER for 15% off
Of course I'd love each and every one of you to experience these stunning bottles too. The lovely owners of Manipura Malas were so kind to provide me with a discount code so you can get  15% off selected items. Add code BLES15SUMMER in your shopping cart for 15% off.  The code is valid till 31 July. Take a look at their webshop and see for yourself which gem infused bottle is most perfect for you😄

REVIEW | Vinada Alcohol Free Sparkling Wine & Rosé

As a true wine lover, I was very excited when I came across a press release in my mailbox of the non-alcoholic Vinada wines. I really enjoy a wine with my dinner or during the weekends, but as we all know: alcohol is not that great for you. I try to stick to two to three glasses of wine a week, but sometimes - especially on special occasions - it's just too good to pass up on! Imagine my joy and curiosity when I was sent two bottles (a white wine and a rosé) to try and review for you😋

First of all, it's good to know that Vinada wines are available in and outside of The Netherlands, as well in stores as online. Go and take a look to see if Vinada Wines are available in your country :) When I got a box of these wines in the mail, I was so excited to try these wines. They look REALLY good. The packaging itself looks very fancy, like an actual bottle of wine. After I chilled it in the fridge for a while, I tried the white wine first.

Like wine, but also like champagne
Pouring the non-alcoholic wine into my wine glass, I noticed that it's a sparkling wine (which was on the label, but I was too curious to read the label before tasting it) There are actual wines that contain alcohol and that are sparkling as well so nothing strange here... Then it was time for some proper smelling (hey, as a true wine lover, I follow all the steps involved in a good wine tasting). Sniff sniff... Yup, smells like wine! Also a little bit like apple juice, but just a teeny tiny bit. Then I took a sip and I instantly thought it tasted like a combination of wine, champagne and apple juice. Or perhaps the Jillz ciders. It's a slightly sweet and refreshing.

The funny thing is, I drank this like I would drink an alcoholic wine - with small sips. It just feels like you're drinking wine, instead of some sort of soda. I really enjoyed it! And what I enjoyed the most? No single side effect of alcohol! If I had to choose, I do prefer an alcoholic wine, just because it's got a stronger taste and of course, the 'real' wine taste. But for an alcohol-free wine, this comes super close! The Vinada wines are actually wines and had the same wine making process ( it's not just grape juice, haha), but the alcohol has been removed out of it. The wines come in 200ml bottles, but I really wish they would be available in 750 ml bottles.... I read on their website that they're developing new flavors and considering bigger bottles too, so fingers crossed!

Why Vinada alcohol free wines are great!
If you're pregnant and would like to have a wine, it's perfect!
Great option for drinking at a party and being able to drive home
Can't consume alcohol (anymore) for medical reasons? Vinada is perfect for you!
Vinada wines contain less calories than regular wines

As you can see I also received a sparkling rosé, but I haven't tried it yet. I was so enthusiastic about the white wine that I decided to post this review already. Want to hear my thoughts on the rosé as well? Make sure to follow me on Instagram - I will share my experience in Instagram stories :)

REVIEW | Vinada Alcohol Free Sparkling Wine & Rosé

REVIEW | Vinada Alcohol Free Sparkling Wine & Rosé

REVIEW | Vinada Alcohol Free Sparkling Wine & Rosé

REVIEW | Vinada Alcohol Free Sparkling Wine & Rosé

A lot of women like to pamper themselves every now and then, getting their nails done or enjoying a beauty treatment for example. As us ladies know, it can take quite some time and money to look the way we look! For me personally, there are a few things I won't spend my money on when it comes to beauty or lifestyle. Not because I'm a total cheapskate - I tend to splurge on luxury handbags and fancy dinners instead - but because a) it's just as easy to do at home or b) I simply like doing it myself!

A while back when I talked to my friends and a few female colleagues about this, I realized that I actually have quite a few things that I don't spend money on where others would do that almost every month. Here's what I'm talking about: these are the things I won't spend money on and do at home instead!

Bye bye, hairdresser
Don't laugh, but the last time I went to a hairdresser I was about 10 years old. Okay, my mom (who has her hairdressers certificate) cut my hair when I was younger, but pretty soon after I was allowed to dye my hair I started doing that myself. It took a few wrong turns to eventually do it right, so now I've been cutting and dying my hair myself for about 8 years. Yes, also cutting bangs and trying out crazy hair colors. Even if you go to the hair salon to get the ends trimmed, it's still a lot of money. I once calculated that cutting my own hair, dyeing my own hair and doing my own (clip in) hair extensions saves me up to 400 euros a year. Yeah, I won't go to a hairdresser for as long as I can do it myself - and don't fail at it😜

Gel nails
Those long nails? They're fake! People often think they're my natural nails, which I take as a major compliment. When they ask me where I get them done and I tell them I've been doing my own gel nails for over 10 years they're pretty surprised. I am quite the creative type, I LOVE doing my manicures myself! I simply use tips, a good nail glue and a professional gel nailpolish - and that will keep my nails going strong for at least 4 weeks every single time. Let's say I were to go get my nails done professionally every month? It would cost me an average of 45 euro's.... Which I save up! The set of tips I buy (look on Ebay or Amazon) costs me less than 10 euros for 100 tips. A bargain😊

I have actually gotten a spray tan once and it was horrible. And way too expensive. As soon as the summer starts I take out my selftan mitt and a selftan lotion or mousse and I tan my entire body in the comfort of my own home. Scrubbing beforehand makes the tan last even longer, but usually I will reapply my tan after 4 days. Tanning beds are less expensive than getting a spray tan, but because I want to avoid getting skin cancer, I would never ever go lay under a tanning bed in the first place. A spray tan is about 20 to 30 euros for one treatment... You know what's cheaper? A bottle of tanning lotion (around 10 euros!) that will give me around 15 tanning sessions.

Beauty treatments
I do enjoy beauty treatments, as skincare is very important to me - and I would do anything to prevent wrinkles - but I am super picky. And I won't let anyone touch my eyebrows, ever. Over the years I've learned quite a lot about skincare, so I enjoy pampering myself with a nice scrub, face mask and luxury creams in the comfort of my own home. If you go to a beauty salon regularly and get your brows done as well, you would easily pay around 70 euros every other month... So that's not something I would do very quickly, as I can easily achieve the same results at home.

Whitening my teeth
I do have to start off by saying that getting your teeth whitened professionally gets you WAY better results. But at home treatments do work as well, the results just don't be as drastic as when you would get it done by a salon. I use the Crest White strips every few weeks, just to give my teeth a little touch up. After  every 30 min treatment I see a difference, so for me those strips work great! Getting my teeth whitened at a professional salon would easily cost me around 200 to 300 euros a year, whereas the Crest White strips are around 30 euros a year.

At home workouts
Okay. I have to admit that if I were to pay for a gym subscription every month, I would probably actually GO😹. Now I just work out whenever I feel like it. I am currently trying to get back into my hulahooping routine (with a weighted hula hoop, not those fun light hoops we had as kids). I used to hoop for 40 minutes almost every single day and I noticed a major difference in my stamina and I got stronger abs, back and leg muscles. There are so many exercises you can do at home - or go for a run outside- you don't need to pay for a gym to get some exercise. So if you like hula hooping to some fun music, it might be a fun (and INTENSE) workout to do at home.

So, these are the things I don't spend my money on and do at home instead. Let me know your thoughts in the comment section :)
Make Your Social Media Post Stand Out By Using Fonts

In a time were algorithms may not be on your side, it can be hard to make your post stand out in your followers timelines. Sure, striking images or videos can help you get someone's attention, but there is something else you can try. Something I've been doing for a while now - and I can tell you already: it works! I'm talking about using a different font to stand out from the online crowd.

You've probably noticed that all posts in your timeline have the same font as every other post. The only thing you can really stand out with is using emoji's, images or video's. But have you ever seen those nice fonts that people use in their Instagram names and profile descriptions? There's a website called Lingojam that allows you to enter text and it will convert the text to a few different fonts. You can then copy-paste your text in a nice font and put it in your Instagram bio, for example. But you can also copy-paste that text into your Facebook or LinkedIn post.

I usually only enter the headline of my post in a bold or italic font, that makes it obvious what your post is about in a glance. Just entering the headline of your post in a different font is enough to grab your followers attention, instead of posting your entire text in an italic/bold font. Here's an example of how I make my social media posts stand out by using a different font.

Go ahead and try it for yourself😊

Make Your Social Media Post Stand Out By Using Fonts

Longer lashes with baby powder

I've worn false lashes for probably 3 years straight, until I decided to ditch the falsies for a while. It became too much of a fuss to apply false lashes every day before going to work, so I just stuck with mascara instead. But there's just something about the look of false lashes ... I wanted to achieve the same results without actually having to apply lashes or invest in eyelash extensions. I tried this hack I read about online and it definitely works!

There's only one product you'll need to add to your mascara routine: babypowder! It doesn't matter what brand you use, as long as it's baby powder you'll achieve the look of falsies in just seconds.
All you need to do is apply a generous amount of mascara on your lashes, then dust some baby powder on small brush and sweep it along your (wet) lashes. It will form a layer on top of your lashes and it extends them as well. You can repeat this for as many times as you'd like, but this method does give you spider lashes easily! Don't forget to apply the last coat of mascara on top - other wise you'll look pretty crazy with white lashes ;)

I personally like the look of thick, chunky lashes over super seperated lashes, so this works wonders for me. I included a before and after photo below: the results are pretty obvious, right? I think it's definitely worth trying what this trick does for your lashes. If you don't like it, you can use the baby powder for many more creative solutions... like dry shampoo when you have greasy hair. Do you know more baby powder hacks we should learn about? If so, feel free to share it in the comment section👌

PS. If you not only fancy full eyelashes but also thicker, naturally fuller brows: this is the wonder oil you will need to apply!

Longer lashes with baby powder

Wait, what? An outfit post!? It feels kind of strange (and new again) to make an appearance on my own blog, in the form of an outfit post. It's been quite a long time since I last shared my own looks here on BLES Magazine...  I no longer see myself as a fashion blogger, so I didn't really intend to share outfits anymore. My sister and I were goofing around with the portret mode of my iPhone 8 Plus and we realized that this camera takes the exact same quality photos as my professional SLR camera used to take! We were kinda shocked, these random outfit photos came out so well. I figured, why not share them here.

In case you were wondering if you can take proper outfit photos with an iPhone 8 Plus - you definitely can! The depth is amazing, I might just do this more often (let me know if you think I should). I wore this outfit on a relaxed day of strolling through the city on a Saturday afternoon.  This is what I love to wear in weekends: leggings, oversized sweaters and comfortable shoes. Especially when strolling through the city for hours. If you follow me on Instagram, you might recognize my faux fur coat...  I am pretty much living in this pink fluffy coat this winter, I wear it on all my Instagram photos! It's definitely my most favorite coat, as I've been obsessed with faux fur and this nude/pink color for years. 

This is the second year I've worn this coat, I've washed it as well and the quality is still very good! So as longs as the temperatures allow me, I will wear this coat from Zara many more times. Check the details below for the rest of this super rare outfit post👀

Coat: Zara | Sweater: H&M | Leggings: Topshop | Shoes: H&M | Scarf: Zara | Bag: Ralph Lauren